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It is mind-blowing to think about the fact that almost all children play with toys, but all toys do not represent all the various and unique types of people that inhabit our beautiful Earth.

Thankfully a campaign is already underway with the intention to challenge the major toy companies we love so much to step up and show diversity in their toys.

Toy Like Me is run by parents with the intent of demanding proper representation of people with disabilities in the Toy Industry. Makies is a toy company that works with a 3D printer to create dolls that look just like the child that orders them.

They have also released their first group of dolls: One with a facial birthmark, one with a cane, and one with a hearing aid.

They're absolutely adorable! Any child would be more than excited to play with any of them.

Toy Like Me is currently pushing their petition to even get LEGO on board.

In their words:

"Please, LEGO, put some wheelchair vroom vroom into the toy box and help generations of kids, (both with and without disabilities), grow up with a more positive attitude to human difference!"

Toy Like Me created this skate park with wheelchair free-styling to hopefully give LEGO the idea to make a real set of this. Disabled children deserve better than to just be seen in a hospital setting.

This petition hopes to remind children they are much more than their disabilities, and that if Barbie, Batman, or any other LEGO can do anything in a wheelchair or with a hearing aid, so can you.

[Source: Toy Like Me Facebook]


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