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Netflix is poised to have more than 70 million users by the end of this year.

In April, the streaming service giant, Netflix, surpassed the 60 million users, which was the record by the online video content provider. The company is the largest provider of unlimited entertainment offerings and in terms of users or catalog, no rival can match it. Furthermore, it has managed to nearly double its stock prices and is said to be the hottest stock in the market in recent months. After reaching record highs, it is starting to cool off in the Wall Street. Yet it is eyeing to end this year with a bang.

Netflix Inc. is an innovative streaming service, which is all set to close this year strongly. Reportedly, it is believed that it shifted its focus to capture at least 70 million subscribers by the end of this year.

“Netflix is predicted to end 2015 with nearly 13 million additional subscribers after posting over 57 million subs in January. To give an idea of just how fast Netflix is growing, the company ended 2012 with just over 33 million total members, doubling its customer base over the last 3 years, and then some,” according to the latest report published by Digital TV Research. The online streaming giant is literally ‘poised’ to reach a higher viewership than its peers and competitors in the market by the end of 2015.

Netflix bragged about its great effect on the Wall Street. It is said that the expansion in the international markets has been a big part and contributed majorly towards the companies growth. Hence, this suggests that it plans on to have more than 26 million international subscribers by the end of this year with higher penetration in 50 countries or more. It is pushing more in the countries that include Germany, France, Norway, Mexico, Brazil, and the recently expanded regions of Australia and New Zealand.

The company has plans to expand in Japan, India, and China, as it eyes to offer its online video content services to more than 200 countries by 2017.

According to Digital Trends, “Digital TV Research estimates that Netflix’s overall growth of 28 percent in 2015 will include international growth of 57 percent over last year, or 9.58 million international subscribers. Some of the biggest international players in the pot will include the UK with an estimated 4.942 million subs, Canada with 3.95 million, Brazil with 3.338 million, and Mexico, with just fewer than 2 million.”

Netflix can easily hit on those numbers in the near future.


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