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There are hundred of licensed Minion products out there for your capitalist consumption needs. For those anti-capitalist, or Minion lover on a budget there is the DIY route.

All you need is a Kinder Surprise Egg, a European candy novelty known for its hiding toy surprises inside a yellow plastic egg around a delicious chocolate outer coating. In addition, you will need a metal washer, some plastic doll eyes, yellow pipe cleaners and rubber bands, sticky denim tape, a solid color drinking straw and some thin wires to make Minion hair. Just follow the instructions from the Dave Hax video which is at the bottom of this article.

Kinder Surprise Eggs do make licensed Minion versions as well as Disney and Marvel characters also. That licensing applies to the foil packaging only. The included toy is a standard Kinder play thing.

Kinder plastic eggs have a wavy middle ridge that resembles a smile. They also have the perfect U shape of a Minion. Other plastic eggs do not.

Unfortunately, true Kinder Surprise Eggs are banned from being personally imported to the United States by the FDA because the eggs contain an inedible toy with small moving parts that present a choking hazard to small children. So you will have to go the route to get a true Kinder.

An American and entirely FDA approved version of the Kinder Surprise Egg is made by Candy Treasure LLC. Choco Treasure, as the treat is known, was also designed with the cooperation and input of the Consumer Products Safety Commission to ensure that the toy inside meets all CPSC guidelines for small children's toys. Choco Treasures are sold at Target and Supervalu.

Choco Treasures are bigger than Kinder Surprise Eggs. Their shells are also harder. A drill and some well chosen bits may need to be substituted for the screwdriver and pliers in the video.

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