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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Okay Thrones-fans, time to grab your pipes and get stroking the beards with a look of deep cogitation, because we're about to ride the "JON SNOW LIVES" train into obscurity. But bare with me, because I want to believe he's still alive. And so do you, that's why you're here right?

At this year's Wimbledon tennis championship in London, ex-Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and full time badass (first of his name) Kit Harington was seen in the crowds sporting a nicely grown out head of hair and beard, which naturally sent social media into meltdown.

Bit far from the wall aren't you?
Bit far from the wall aren't you?

Back in January, Harington was spotted with shorter hair at the Testament of Youth premiere, but now he's back to full Snow fuzz! It's all getting a little confusing. Is this pretty firm evidence that the young Lord shall be reborn despite Harington and GoT's showrunners adamantly denying it?

During an interview with i09 back in April, when questioned about the direction his characters would take, GRRM may have let slip that Jon Snow actually survives his fate in the book. But will that correlate with the actions of the series?

Yes, I always had plans, what Tyrion's arc was gonna be through this, what Arya's arc was gonna be through this, what Jon Snow's arc is gonna be.

The main sticking point comes from the use of "arc" in the present tense, not past, for example "arc was."

I've already made clear my feelings on the death of Jon Snow clear, in quite some detail, here. But seriously, he is one of the most important characters in the series, and pretty much the prosperity of the world rests on his shoulders. So, dead-place would be a fairly wrong place for him to be.

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