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Only the strongest will win in this two vs two battle. On the left we have the mighty Harley Quinn & Joker and on the right stand the strong Deadpool & Domino. The fight comes to you from The Super Power Beat Down where super powered legends come together and battle each others' sci-fi knowledge and comic wit to see who will win the battle between the anti-heroes.

The battle is an intense one riddled with funny moments; fists will fly and guns shall blaze but who will win? Can anyone beat the mighty Deadpool? There is only one way to find out...

The Joker is already on a roll, getting prepared:

Deadpool should be getting prepared to but has gotten quite side-tracked..:

Unlucky for Deadpool and his antics he has been put on Joker watch, so that Domino can get that troublesome Harley Quinn:

It's showtime:

Cue Epic 'Nooooo' moment:

But, the fighting must continue:

''Double penetration on the first date? Kinky'':

Oh look, Joker finally turned up to help:

Seriously, stabbed, shot and now electrocuted, won't anything kill Deadpool?!

Let's just give up on trying to kill Deadpool already, it's obviously not going to happen. A twist is coming your way:

And the winners in the battle of strength and humor are Deadpool and Domino:

You have to see the epic battle in all its glory:

The beginning of the Super Power Beat Down video is ace, featuring interviews with fans on who they think the winners may be and what tricks may be up the rivals' sleeves. The fans even have a battle of themselves too before the real fight begins. You can vote who you think may win the next battle: here

I am looking forward to the next Superpower Beat Down and I really did not see that ending coming! It always baffles me as to why super-villains and horror related characters just won't die, I guess that comes as part of their superpowers!


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