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It's been a long time coming for this hot celebrity couple who met in 1998, but Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have reportedly tied the knot for real this time, despite rumors that they were already secretly married.

According to People magazine, Mila and Ashton got married last weekend after being engaged since February 2014, but the details on their secretive ceremony are very thin on the ground.

Mila and Ashton with baby Wyatt
Mila and Ashton with baby Wyatt

Page Six magazine claims that the pair were to be married at the super private home of Guy Oseary, who is both Kutcher and Kunis' manager. An insider source explained that:

"Details are being held close to the vest and were expected to go out to guests 24 hours or less before the wedding. It is going to be a very small and intimate affair with friends and family."

This wedding might be a surprise to some fans for an unusual reason. The fact that many believed that Mila and Ashton had already tied the knot.

This is largely in thanks to an appearance that Kunis made on James Cordon's show in March this year. The British chat show host was thought to have pressured Kunis into revealing her marital status by questioning her repeatedly about her relationship and flashing what could be interpreted as a wedding band to the audience.

Whether they got married last weekend or at any other time, congratulations to the happy couple!

(Source: People, Page Six)


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