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Elder Scrolls Online has been enjoying a vibrant community on the Xbox One and PS4 for almost a month now. Though the game has never received much critical acclaim, it's been an extremely popular MMO. ESO may not be perfect, but it does have some remarkable elements to it and out of all of its achievements, Elder Scrolls Online's PvP is probably its greatest.

The PS4 and Xbox One community have been remarkably vocal about their adoration for ZeniMax Online's MMO. They've acknowledged its shortcomings for sure, but overall they seem to be won over by the wealth of content in ESO. PvP is obviously the aspect of the game that has received the greatest amount of appraisal and I'm wondering if it's the best on the Xbox One and PS4!

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

Is Elder Scrolls Online the Best PvP Option on PS4 & Xbox One?

What you'll discover in ESO are three Alliances all fighting over the entirety of Cyrodiil, each one battling it out with the other, trying to maintain control of their territories while taking others from their enemies, all in an attempt to rule the Empire and have their strongest player crowned Emperor. The battles are remarkably intense. Elder Scrolls Online literally supports hundreds of players in single battles and when they work, they're incredible.

But does this game on Xbox One and PS4 really beat every other option out there for PvP-lovers? ESO's PvP is even impressive on the PC, with sights that no other game will be able to equal! We'd love to hear your take on ESO as we compare it to the biggest PvP hubs on the Xbox One and PS4.

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

The Best PvP Games on Xbox One and PS4 for ESO to Beat!

As you can see from the quote at the side, Bloodborne is a personal favourite of mine. From Software have made the multiplayer aspects of Bloodborne just as engaging as its fantastic main campaign. It consistently contends with one other game for the dominant PvP experience on PS4: GTA Online! As we're all aware, the online mode that Rockstar gifted us with Grand Theft Auto V, is astounding. Whether you wish to conduct races, shootouts or just attack one another in free-mode, GTA: Online is a beautiful experience. But do Bloodborne and GTA V top the experiences that Elder Scrolls Online can offer?

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

In addition, Diablo 3 and Destiny are some of the most fun in terms of PvP. Everything outside of this area is awful for me in Destiny, but Bungie really know how to make great maps. What about you guys? Where would you place The Elder Scrolls Online in terms of the best PvP games? Let us know what you enjoy playing in the comments below!


Which of these games has the best multiplayer experience on Xbox One & PS4?


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