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With Comic-Con fast approaching, nerd culture in general is about to shift gear, and speed off into the future. Before this veritable jump into media hyperspace, you might want to catch up on a few of the most noteworthy releases on [DVD & Blu-ray](tag:978148) before the sequel announcements tumble out of control! For a summary of the most recent releases in June, you catch up right here! Right now, it's time for a DVD & Blu-ray round up for July 2015!

X-men Days of Future Past The Rogue Cut

Rogue will finally get her say!
Rogue will finally get her say!

The reparations for Anna Paquin and her relationship to the X-Men Series are finally being made with the release of [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942) The Rogue Cut. With some fine tweaking, Rogue is made the instigator of the plot, with her sending Wolverine into the past rather than Ellen Page's Kitty Pryde. It makes more sense given her past relationships with Hugh Jackman's character, and it does seem a little unfair to have a role muscled out because of the popularity Ellen Page garnered since The Last Stand. Now fans can see Days of Future Past how it was meant to/ could have/ should have been!


The movie that will be forever cited as proof that "Hey, Arnold Schwarzenegger can actually act!" is now out to own. Perhaps his surprising turn as a father looking to save his daughter from a mysterious virus is making waves because he barely says anything. Then again, there's nothing wrong with being a physical actor, and Schwarzenegger is a cornerstone of that craft. Watch Maggie side by side with Terminator Genisys if you want to see Arnie put some actual vigor into a role!

Woman in Gold

Behold! The most reasonable art heist movie ever made. Okay so Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds are hardly stealing the painting in Woman in Gold, but they are fighting the good fight, campaigning to regain family possession of an unfathomably valuable painting stolen by the Nazis. Reynolds plays against type for once, and Mirren does an accent again. What else need I say?

House of Cards Season 3

It's weird to be reminded that the premium content on Netflix does in fact get a physical release. I suppose for fans who truly identify with products like Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards, it's worth owning something. After the one sided steamrolling that was Season 2, House of Cards Season 3 sets itself a few more challenges by situating Frank Underwood as the Underdog... I'm sorry. A must watch for the modern TV enthusiasts, and a must own for dedicated fans!

Ex Machina

Alex Garland's flawed but ambitious directorial debut has been well received almost across the board. Pitching Star Wars provincials Oscar Isaac and Domnal Gleeson against Alicia Vikander's AI, there's nothing this movie says about robotics that hasn't already be said. But hell, it sure says it well. The effects surrounding Vikander's Ava are incredible, and if you're compelled to look deep enough, there's some real gender-driven subtext going on here!

Slow West

Michael Fassbender is here to help!
Michael Fassbender is here to help!

Michael Fassbender takes the kid from The Road and Let Me In on a journey across the American West and probably on a journey of self-discovery too. I mean this is a western right? Slow West sounds almost like a comedic parody title, and while the movie does have a certain indie quirk to its tone, you'll be treated to fast draws and badass one-liners nonetheless. It's been available on VOD for some time now, but if you're looking to own this hidden gem of a western, it's out this month! And now for a couple titles from the past that are getting their Blu-ray debut!

Robot Jox

Before there was Pacific Rim, there was Robot Jox! Schlock and horror legend, Stuart Gordon brings us his depiction of a post-apocalypse where all or humanity's resource disputes are paradoxically solved by giant futuristic mechs punching each other!

The Cell


Tarsem Singh is an expressive director to say the least. Before he plunged himself into interpretations of huge Hollywood brands with movies like [Mirror, Mirror](tag:255626) and The Immortals, Tarsem was giving us The Cell. It's a movie so full of "symbolism" you kinda have to laugh, but there's something no doubt cool and edgy about Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn effectively using the Matrix to stop a crazed killer from striking again. Yeah, I got you interested didn't I?

That's all for this week! Watch this space for more updates on New DVD & Blu-ray releases!


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