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Hello once again and welcome to my series, Battle Arena, where I pit your favorite fictional characters together in a no holds barred battle to see who reigns supreme in the world of Fiction. Today's fighters we have

Trevor Philips

Professional bank robber and drug dealer, Trevor has done it all when it comes to breaking the law. From murder to assault to drugs, Trevor is one crazy man. He is a loose cannon that you would definitely not want to see angry with you in his line of sight. But what makes him so fierce and deadly?


  • Unpredictability and craziness- Trevor is definitely mentally unstable. He'll hurt anyone if they make him mad by the slightest. He will go from friendly and funny to sadistic and psychotic in a matter of seconds.
  • Skilled pilot- Trevor is very skilled in piloting air craft vehicles like Helicopters an Airplanes, which is why he usually provides a perfect getaway aircraft to escape certain jobs.
  • Large arsenal of weaponry- From all the money he has stolen and made with his drug business, Trevor has access to military grade weaponry. This includes Assault Rifles, LMGs, Handguns, etc. He even has access to high grade explosives like Sticky bombs and Semi Automatic Grenade Launchers.
  • Incredible durability and recovery- Trevor has the capability of surviving things that would kill any normal person. From getting hit by oncoming cars to getting shot by police officers, Trevor has the ability to recover form such wounds in a matter of moments, but if he is riddled with bullets, or hit by a speeding vehicle, he will die.
  • Impressive strength- Trevor has the strength to lift grown men and drag them around with only one arm, and knock a man out onto the ground with a single punch.
  • High degree of intelligence- Trevor, while mentally unstable, is very smart. Being very good with numbers to help him with his financial problems, he is also very perceptive, knowing the difference between Cocaine and drywall from a simple glimpse. He also is strategically intelligent, having performed many heists on his own with no help successfully.
  • Invulnerability- Trevor has access to a special ability, Invulnerability. With this ability, Trevor can enter a limited state of madness that renders him immune to all damage, allowing him to tank hits from Tanks and falls from incredible heights. Once Trevor uses this ability, he is an unstoppable killing machine, but the problem is that this ability only lasts 30 seconds.

Alright, now we know what the crazy redneck of GTA V is capable of, lets see his opponent.

The Joker

Batman's worst nightmare, The Joker is one of the most dangerous men on the planet. Having killed over a thousand people, Joker's intelligence and insanity makes him incredibly dangerous, to the point where he would remove his own face just to prove a point. But a man with such crazy feats must have a large variety of abilities to make him skilled enough to deal with The Dark Knight, so lets check them out.


  • Incredible intellect- The Joker has the strategic mind and intelligence that allows him to formulate plans and assaults that not even Batman can predict and out think. One of the main reasons he is such a formidable foe against Batman.
  • Insanity- The Joker is mentally insane. He can't be trusted, he enjoys inflicting pain, and doesn't know right from wrong. He is an anarchist and loves to see things burn, figuratively and literally. His insanity is one of the reasons he was never put in prison and put on the death sentence, and was always taken to Arkham Asylum.
  • Masochism- The Joker is not bothered by pain. If you hurt him, he will enjoy it and laugh. This makes it very difficult to deal with him due to him enjoying every bit of pain you inflict on him.
  • Variety of gadgets- The Joker has a large variety of tools and equipment he uses to provide himself a easy way to escape any captors or foes. He also uses simple tools like guns, crowbars, and knives
  • Joker Venom- A toxin The Joker uses in the form of darts or gas. This causes the victim to laugh uncontrollably until they slowly succumb to death. One of The Joker's signature weapons.
  • Joy buzzer- A hand buzzer which imbues anything that presses it with electricity.
  • Acid Flower- A flower on his purple suit jacket that sprays acid onto anyone in its line of sight. The acid can corrode through mot substances easily.
  • Toy explosives- The Joker has access to simple toys, like clacking teeth, which are actually explosives. Good for tricking foes into lowering their guard when faced with the explosives.

Alright, now we know what each character brings to the fight, now lets see them rumble!


(Trevor is seen laying down on a fold out bed in the middle of the desert next to an RV. He has sunglasses on his face while he smokes a joint of marijuana. He smiles as he puffs, only for his phone to ring.)

Trevor: Ah, what the hell?

(Trevor grabs his phone and answers it.)

Trevor: Who the hell is it?

(Trevor listens to the other person.)

Trevor: What do you mean somebody set my drugs on fire?

(Trevor continues to listen.)

Trevor: Well deal with the son of a bitch!

(Trevor listens, only for nobody to respond.)

Trevor: Hello? … Hello!!?

(Trevor gets no response)

Trevor: Goddammit!

(Trevor gets up and throws his phone to the ground in anger, then kicks his bed over.)

Trevor: I swear to god, once I get over there.

(Trevor enters his RV in anger and drives off. Trevor’s farmhouse is then seen, with many vehicles pulled up front. Trevor’s entire drug supply is seen burning in a huge pile, while a man in a purple suit with green hair is seen smiling while his thugs stand by, wielding Tommy guns. The man turns around and is revealed to be The Joker.)

Joker: Alright boys, we’re going to make this our little paradise, so kill everyone and make sure you don’t get blood on the furniture. (Laughs.)

(The Thugs nod and walk away, only for many of them to be seen getting ran over by Trevor’s RV.)

Joker: Who is this?

(The Thugs aim their Tommy Guns at the RV, while 2 thugs approach the RV door, only to get shot down by Trevor, wielding a shotgun. Trevor exits his RV, shooting one thug in the chest and another in the leg. Trevor then slams his shotgun into that Thug’s head, knocking him onto the ground. Joker looks at the 2 remaining thugs.)

Joker: Put your guns down, you’re scaring our guest.

(Trevor walks up to Joker and punches him in the face with enough force to knock him onto the ground.)

Joker: Oohh, feisty.

Trevor: Shut the fuck up, cracker jack, and give me a fucking reason as to why you thought it was a good idea to burn all my fucking shit!?

(Trevor aims his shotgun at The Joker’s head.)

Joker: Come on, can’t we talk about it?

Trevor: Sure, but you’re going to have to find a way to talk with you jaw detached from your head.

(Trevor is about to shoot The Joker in the face, only for The Joker to throw a playing card at his leg. Trevor yells and fires his gun, but misses the Joker’s head. The Joker rolls to the side and takes out a Switch blade.)

Joker: Let's dance red neck. (Chuckles.)

Trevor: You made a big mistake, you inbred clown fuck!

(Trevor fires his shotgun, hitting The Joker dead in the chest, causing him to fly back. Joker laughs as he is seen wearing a bulletproof vest.)

Joker: That tickled.

(Joker gets up and runs at Trevor, swinging his knife at him. Trevor dodges his swings, then swings his shotgun into The Joker’s face like a bat, knocking him down onto the ground.)

Joker: You ever try baseball?

Trevor: Shut the fuck up!

(Trevor aims his shotgun and fires it, only for it to be out of shells.)

Trevor: Dammit.

(Joker laughs and spins around on the ground, stabbing Trevor in the leg with his knife.)

Trevor: Dammit!

(Trevor kicks The Joker back down, then pulls a pistol out of his pants and fires it at The Joker, who quickly crawls behind a pickup truck.)

Joker: You have the potential to be really good at sports, I don’t think drugs are your thing!

Trevor: Keep talking clown.

(Trevor looks around the truck, only for the Joker to be gone. The Joker is seen having crouched around the truck. Trevor looks over at The Joker, only to get tackled down by him. The Joker punches Trevor over and over again.)

Joker: How do you like that, cowboy?!

(Trevor catches Joker’s arm and smirks.)

Trevor: You hit like my dead ex girlfriend.

Joker: Ooo.

(Trevor punches The Joker off him, then shoots him in the arm, knocking The Joker back. The Joker quickdraws his own pistol and shoots Trevor in the chest, knocking him onto the ground. Joker blows the smoke out of his gun’s barrel and smiles.)

Joker: I guess i’m taking your badge, sheriff.

Trevor: You’re really annoying, fuck face, you know that?

(Trevor gets up and holds his chest in pain.)

Trevor: But you’re a good shot.

Joker: Thank you, but I really don’t like compliments from dead men, it’s kinda creepy.

(Joker laughs and is about to shoot Trevor again, only for Trevor to dive out of the way. Trevor quickly runs over to his truck, firing his pistol at The Joker too. The 2 men both run out of ammo, causing them to throw their pistols aside.)

Joker: I guess i’m going to have to up my game a bit, shouldn’t I?

(The Joker grabs one of his dead henchman’s tommy guns and aims it at Trevor, who is aiming a Light Machine Gun over at The Joker.)

Joker: (Eyes open wide) Well then.

Trevor: Get the fuck off my property.

(Trevor squeezes the trigger of his gun and sprays bullets over at The Joker. He fires from the hip and hits everything in sight, while The Joker ducks behind a truck. Trevor sees this and keeps his fire at the truck, causing the hood to catch aflame. The Joker sees this and looks in shock. The Joker quickly runs and dives behind a tree stump right before the truck explodes. The fire and smoke clear and Trevor silently walks over to the tree stump where Joker was hiding, only for him to be gone.)

Trevor: What the hell?

(The Joker suddenly whacks Trevor in the back of the head with a crowbar, knocking Trevor onto the ground.)

Joker: Bam! That was a nice blow, you have to admit.

Trevor: (Holds head.) I can’t wait to rip your throat out.

(Trevor gets up, and as The Joker swings his crowbar, Trevor leans back, grabs Joker’s arm, and knees him in the gut multiple times, then throws Joker to the ground. Trevor then begins beating Joker over and over again. Joker squeezes the flow on his suit, spraying acid at Trevor.)

Trevor: Agh! God dammit!

(Trevor backs away as his arm and left peck begins to corrode. The Joker gets up and laughs, wiping the blood off his face.)

Joker: You should really watch your tone there.

(Joker laughs and pulls out his wind up Joker teeth, which he tosses over to Trevor. Trevor catches it.)

Trevor: What the fuck!?

(Trevor throws the teeth back at The Joker, only for the teeth to detonate and explode.)

Joker: Oh crap.

(The Joker is sent flying back with his suit on fire. He falls on the ground and slowly gets up. Trevor is seen barely standing, only to walk over to a crate near his house.)

Trevor: I can’t wait to fuck you up.

(Trevor opens it, revealing a grenade launcher and many sticky bombs.)

Trevor: I’m going to blow your ass sky high.

(Trevor grabs the grenade launcher and begins to fire it, creating many explosions around The Joker, who struggles to find a place to run due to the many explosions around him. The Joker quickly finds an opening and dives away right before the spot he was standing explodes. The Joker runs away, laughing maniacally. Trevor then runs out of grenades, so he lifts up the crate full of explosives.)

Trevor: Yippee kay yay mother fucking cunt fucker!

(Trevor tosses the crate over to The Joker, who looks up at it in awe.)

Joker: It’s the 4th of July already?!

(Trevor presses a detonator, resulting in an enormous explosion. Trevor smiles.)

Trevor: Burn in hell.

(Trevor walks further into his yard, only for The Joker to run by. Trevor looks over and is suddenly electrocuted by The Joker’s joy buzzers, then whacked in the head by a crowbar. The Joker hits him twice, only for Trevor to catch the crowbar, then kick The Joker onto the ground.)

Trevor: How the fuck are you still breathing?!

Joker: I’m very persistent.

(The Joker laughs, then throws 3 darts into Trevor, injecting him with Joker Venom. Trevor begins to laugh uncontrollably.)

Joker: I don’t know why I didn’t start out with that. Hm.

(The Joker shrugs, then pulls out a combat knife which he is about to use to stab Trevor, only for the laughing to Trevor to burst into a fit of rage, using his special ability, Invulnerability. Trevor punches Joker in the face. The Joker slashes Trevor, but he feels nothing as he begins to beat The Joker to a pulp. The Joker laughs as Trevor begins pounding on The Joker, swelling his face and making it bleeds everywhere. Trevor then takes The Joker’s knife and slams it into The Joker’s chest, where he tears his chest open. Trevor stares and smiles like a psycho, breathing heavily as his special ability runs out.)

Trevor: Burn you fucking clown.

Winner = Trevor Philips

Reason: Trevor takes the win and receives the crown of craziness in this Battle Arena. While Joker may possess more speed and agility, and and variety of useful, unique weaponry, Trevor has a bigger arsenal of higher grade weaponry and explosives at his disposal. Joker’s most effective weapons were his Joker Venom and Acid, both of which Trevor can easily endure due to his special ability and pure madness. Trevor’s higher degree of durability compared to The Joker’s will allow him to take almost all of The Joker’s weapons, while The Joker is only a normal guy, and while he does have luck on his side when it comes to cheating death, he can only survive so much. The winner is Trevor Philips.


The survivor from Raccoon City
The survivor from Raccoon City


The Uncharted Thief
The Uncharted Thief

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Tune in next week to see which highly skilled badass video game protagonist beats who.


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