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The teams of the first film Back to the Future still have things to teach us about the cult film by Robert Zemeckis!

The magazine's website The Hollywood Reporter has recently published 9 anecdotes production outputs directly from the mouth of the actors, the director Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale screenwriter and a few other members of the production team. Some production secrets or unknown that should delight fans of the cult trilogy of the 80s!


#1. Doc almost get a Monkey

In the first version of the script written in 1981 by screenwriter Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis director , Marty was a video pirate (?) And his friend Professor Brown (who had not yet become " Doc " ) was a monkey as a pet ! Unfortunately this first version of the story no takers in Hollywood and it was not until 1984 and the box office success of the film In Green Diamond Pursuit (directed by Zemeckis ) for the studios became interested in the project. But the monkey was not retained in the final version of the screenplay ... Too bad !

#2. Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly

So What Did The shooting begins since One month , Robert Zemeckis DUT Getting to the obvious: Eric Stoltz was not the case in Marty McFly . Actor Who Had Been favorite Johnny Depp, John Cusack ou much Martin Sheen could not Make son funny and endearing character . Bob Gale confessed later What Sid Sheinberg So boss of Universal , Had Agreed to turn the actor against heart , not believing at all to the Michael J. Fox 's performance in the role of Marty .

Then Michael J. Fox became our Marty.

#3. Melora Hardin get fired same time as Stoltz

The actress Melora Hardin, known for his participation in the American version of the series The Office, was a collateral damage of the departure of Eric Stolz . Then she embodied the role of Jennifer , Marty 's girlfriend , the production team decided to fire her forcibly along the main actor. The actress later confessed to have burst into tears when Bob Gale told him the news by telephone. In turn, Gale said it was for him one of the hardest things he had ever had to do . It must be said that the talent of the actress was not at issue here , it was more of alchemy that was to form the duo with Michael J. Fox that worked less well with Stoltz .. . no luck!

#4. Not everybody is happy about Michael J. Fox

The actress Lea Thompson (Lorraine ) took time to get used to the idea that Michael J. Fox joined the cast of the film . "I was really arrogant , " she confessed to you a few years later, " I thought, 'Oh my God a sitcom actor? ' ". Having played herself in a sitcom ( Caroline in the City ) , Lea Thompson realized that it was ultimately a much more difficult exercise than she thought . However, she added that she was in fact quickly conquered by Michael J. Fox and she was delighted to have had the chance to play alongside him.

#5. Lightning never strikes twice

Wes Takahashi animator at Industrial Light & Magic who worked on the special effects of the film, was never satisfied by lightning that can be seen in the final scene of the film : " I never liked the Indeed that was finally chosen for the lightning that struck the clock " confessed the artist. The latter effect was too "thick" , explaining that he would have liked more time to propose alternative designs. Good Wes us , anyway you did a good job !

#6. The song Johnny B. Good

Mark Campbell who interpreted the song Johnny B. Goode in the movie (and no it's not Michael J. Fox singing) was informed after the recording of the song that it would not screen credit . As Bob Gale informed him they wanted everyone believe that Michael J. Fox was well interpreted the title. " I told him that I understood " the singer said later . For the comfort Gale told him he would be entitled to " a small but very interesting percentage on the soundtrack of the film".


Three weeks after the end of filming , the near - final cut of the film was already in the box. It was time to show the results to a test audience who showed the least concern. During the first 30 minutes of the film, young viewers would not stop talking and gesticulating , completely losing interest in what was happening on the screen. Fortunately the situation changed when they discovered the Deloeran Doc in action. Phew !


The boss of Universal Sid Sheinberg do not like the title Back to the Future that was too confusing . He preferred the title The Man Came from Space Pluto , referring to the comic book read that George McFly in the movie. Gale and Zemeckis then insisted that the title is not changed . Sheinberg admit today that Back to the Future was the best possible way and denies having asked to change it to The Man from Pluto Venu Area.

#9. Robert Zemeckis didn't really want to make a sequel

Back to the Future was a huge hit, taking $210 million, making it the biggest hit of 1985 in the US box office. However this did not stop Robert Zemeckis to be reluctant to carry his suite. He eventually changed his mind when he realized that the studio would do in any case, with or without him !

I hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me if you know any of these.


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