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This year, in the true spirit of Moviepilot, we brought four of our most dedicated and talented fan creators with us to San Diego Comic-Con to help us interview celebrities, create amazing video content with talent, but most importantly, get a taste of what it's like to be a part of the crazy experience that is SDCC. It was the first time attending the con for each of them, and they all took away one moment that stood out beyond all others, the moment that could only happen at Comic-Con.

Rose Moore

As you can see, it was a packed weekend for me!
As you can see, it was a packed weekend for me!

Every nerd dreams of heading to Comic-Con one day; it's the big Kahuna, the most amazing weekend of the year...and a little surreal at times. San Diego is flooded with over one hundred and thirty thousand geeks, cosplayers, and pop culture vultures, and everyone is hoping for THAT SDCC moment.

For me, it wasn't seeing the legendary Hall H line. It wasn't a panel, or a cosplayer or a signature or a party. It was taking a much-needed break from helping Moviepilot in its video suite team-up with EW (and indulging a bad habit) to suck down a cigarette in the middle of the day, and finding Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun doing exactly the same thing. With the California sun beating down, I chatted away with celebrities so big that the crowds were ten deep just to see them walk by, but at that moment, we were all just regular people taking a break together. Andrew Lincoln geeked out over my zombie tattoo and Norman Reedus complimented the rubber ducky one gracing my ankle.

It's the kind of thing that can only happen at SDCC, and there, everyone has a story just like this. Life is good.

Traelon Randolph

This is what Comic-Con is all about!
This is what Comic-Con is all about!

The moment that stopped me in my tracks, the moment that gave me chills from head to toe, was when we walked into the convention center. I remember thinking, This. This, is Comic-Con. Seeing all of the different cosplays, all of the different booths, knowing that everyone single person in that center was a nerd like me, was overwhelming, to say the very least. They say that home is where the heart is. Well, my heart's in San Diego and setting foot into the hallowed halls of Comic-Con was the moment that proved it.

Amie Bohannon

Me and Grant Gustin, a.k.a. THE FLASH!
Me and Grant Gustin, a.k.a. THE FLASH!

It's pretty impossible to choose any specific moments at San Diego Comic-Con that really just take the cake. Mostly because one amazing moment was usually the opener for another amazing moment. Like the time where I had just finished filming videos in the Moviepilot suite with Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, and Ryan Reynolds when suddenly my friend texts me to run to Nerd HQ with all my might because Stephen Amell is doing a surprise charity meet and greet. YES, STEPHEN AMELL, THE GREEN ARROW!

So that's what I did; I ran like Barry Allen, receiving new bursts of energy with every text that says "Hurry! They cut off the line!". When I arrived, they had indeed cut off the line, but that couldn't stop me. Chest heaving up and down and sweat running down my face, I successfully begged my way into the line, and met my hero, Stephen Amell. It was bliss, and I have a photo to prove it.

Wait, don't go anywhere, I'm not done!

In my blissful state I walked to meet up with the Moviepilot crew back at the Hard Rock. Walking with my head down because I was staring at my picture with The Arrow, I accidentally bump right into a stranger. I look up to apologize, and it's none other than Grant Gustin, a.k.a. The Flash! Cue ultimate fangirl mode!

First I met Ryan Reynolds, then had a non-nonchalant conversation with Daniel Radcliffe, ran a 5K to meet Stephen Amell, and now I just HAPPEN to bump into The Flash?!? WHAT IS AIR? Grant obliged my picture request, shook my hand, and thanked me for being a fan.

Oh, and in case you still aren't wowed, I also sat feet from Jennifer Lawrence and the [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2](tag:449866) cast. Oh, also, Liam Hemsworth selected me--ME!--to ask HIM a question, which he answered brilliantly while looking at me right in the eye, causing me to uncontrollably melt. Yeah. So basically I hung out with Katniss, Harry Potter, Professor Xavier, Deadpool, The Flash, and Arrow all weekend, and no one can tell me any different. This, my friends, is San Diego Comic-Con with Moviepilot.

Ly Velez

MP Community Team Marco and Dana, Traelon, and ME!
MP Community Team Marco and Dana, Traelon, and ME!

This weekend, Moviepilot made one of my biggest bucket list items come true: flying out for the San Diego Comic-Con International! Every summer, thousands of cosplayers and comic and film vendors flood into San Diego, converting the California city into a mass nerd mecca for fans! This weekend, I became one of the lucky fans to join the mass exodus to the West Coast.

However, despite the awesome sensory overload, the glitz and glamour of talking with celebrities in the Hard Rock Hotel paled in comparison with my true Comic-Con moment. The entire con would have been superficial fluff if it weren't for the awesome Moviepilot nerds that I hung out with. Playing video games, taking selfies, and going geek shopping with awesome friends is priceless and kept me smiling straight through the Comic-Con insanity! That is what it's all about, for me. Thanks to my Moviepilot family for giving me a magical weekend!


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