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Horror is my favorite genre, slashers to be more specific. I like other as well like Annabelle or the conjuring but slashers hold a special
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Have you ever wondered what the joker would be like in real life? if he were a real man causing trouble in the world? well i'll tell you how i see him in the real world, he wouldn't be so censored, you have these comic book movies trying to keep there movies PG-13 and that's fine, comic are for people of all ages i know that. The Joker is one of the most interesting and most iconic comic book villains out there, but how would a rated R movie about the joker go about? well here's what i think.

The Joker
The Joker

In the real world the joker would be more psychopathic then he already is, he would would be more brutal and more violent, yes he is already violent but... you are left to assume most things rather then actually see what he does behind closed doors. The joker would kill his victims slowly because he enjoys watching the light in there eyes die out, he would torture his victims for no reason other then his own enjoyment. He sets a lot of traps and lets other people do his dirty work a lot of the time but in reality he would be more vicious and evil.

The scene above is awesome am i wrong? he stabs a pencil in some poor souls eye, now that is what i like to see, that make me weird? maybe but moving on. i imagine the joker kidnapping victims, hanging them upside down, cutting there throats and letting the blood drain into a container, then mixing the blood with an acid of some sort, then later on dumping the many gallons of blood and acid on the people of Gotham city and watching there faces melt from the acid. I see the joker using a mixture of human blood as part of his face paint, it's all very far out here i know but can you honestly say you wouldn't like to see a BatMan movie with an R rating? to show the real side of this world? Just like when i was little and i always got mad because peter pan always beat captain hook, well where's the movie that hook gets a win huh? i'd like to see that movie as well. But the dreams of that type of BatMan movie will most likely stay a dream, i doubt Warner Brothers will allow that, but there is always fan fiction right? i had started writing some joker fan fiction awhile back about the blood and acid thing, but my computer crashed and that was that. The joker is a dark character indeed but, he can be much darker, all you need is a little imagination and something to write with and you can come up with something awesome.


Would you like to see a darker side to The Joker?


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