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Hi there, it's Monday so it's the beginning of a new week, that means I post another "Poster Art" on this profile to share with you! This week it's about Mad Max: Fury Road the recent movie by the Talented George Miller, starring Tom Hardy (Mad Max) and Charlize Theron (Imperator Furiosa).

I love the creative "Post-apocalyptic" and "desolate" feel of the Mad Max universe, so I was exited to create an alternative poster version for this new Mad Max. I started this painting before watching the film that was not out yet in cinemas. And then after I finished it I went to the cinema to watch it. I strongly encourage people to watch it (you better like vehicles, iron, motors and madness). This movie is excellent, you can feel the madness all along the movie and the universe is really awesome!

Did you see it at the cinema? Did you like it? Most of the people I've talked to told me they loved it, but what about you guys?

Here are some quick details of the painting. For those interested it was created digitally, mixing the software Adobe photoshop and Vector elements in Illustrator.

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Detail of the portrait of Mad Max Digital painting
Detail of the portrait of Mad Max Digital painting


Does Mad Max: Fury Road drive you crazy?


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