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That is the question; Disney can challenge the Avengers?

Marvel's Avengers is a team of superheroes with various superpowers that have been undefeated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Age of Ultron, members that have been on the team include Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, War Machine, Falcon, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver (I like to count him even though he died before he actually got on the team)!

Now let let us look at Disney characters that I think could form a team and challenge each individual Avenger.

Hawkeye vs Merida

We all know the archer/assassin Hawkeye. Quick, strong, sometimes cocky... Now could Brave's Merida beat him? Merida is obviously brave, braver than a lot of people, maybe even Hawkeye. She's a skilled archer herself, and I doubt she'd let herself get shot down fast. The only thing that makes me feel that Hawkeye would win is his explosive arrows. Merida only had regular arrows compared to Hawkeye's high-tech ones. If they both had the same types of arrows, who would win?

Hulk vs Beast

The Incredible Hulk is invisible according to all fans! Surely a prince cursed to be a strong horrid, giant, razor sharp clawed beast couldn't beat him... Right?

Honestly I can't even put up a good argument to persuade you that Beast would win because we all know Hulk would. Beast I feel could put up a good fight! Beast is probably a bit smaller than Hulk, about half as strong (which is still stronger than most), but he has his claws as a minor advantage. Imagine those ten inch claws through your neck... Ouch.

Still I see Hulk as the obvious victor.

Black Widow vs Mulan

Guns, sexiness, martial arts, sexiness, assassin training, and sexiness! Black Widow seems like the whole package for a superhero without actual superpowers. Could a Chinese warrior actually put her in her place?

Black Widow could probably fight using any weapon Mulan could. Sword, knives, and her fists. They both are experts at hand to hand combat, both were trained.

My only downside to this paring is Mulan's obvious death if Black Widow used a gun. Plus if put to fight to the death, Black Widow would be more willing to kill considering she was trained to do so.

Sorry Disney lovers, Avengers has three points now!

Thor vs Hercules

Two gods, one victor.

Thor is the son of the strongest Norse God, Odin while Hercules is the son of the strongest Greek God, Zeus. Based on legends and popularity, my bet would be on Zeus if he and Odin had to fight.

That's not who I'm here to debate although.

Hercules is just invisible, maybe a challenge for Hulk if Beast got killed early in battle. Hercules can summon powerful weapons, but Thor only needs his hammer Mjölnir. Thor can summon the power of lightning, but so could Hercules. Thor is stronger than any man, but so is Hercules.

Disney lovers be proud, because I feel Hercules would win this based on all the more weapons and strength I feel he has.

Iron Man vs Baymax

Baymax originated at Marvel, I know, but everyone considers him a Disney character. He's branded that way so I decided to put him up against Avengers' Iron Man.

Both of these characters use a very powerful suit with technology beyond our time. Both can fly, shoot stuff, and have upgraded strength because of their suits.

Baymax is bigger and I feel would obviously be physically stronger. Iron Man shoots powerful blasts that I feel could damage Baymax if he managed to not get destroyed first. Iron Man's best bet would be fighting Baymax from afar, but I feel Baymax wouldn't let that happen for too long, therefore making Baymax the winner! Iron Man would be thrown around by Baymax! Can't shoot him if he's hugging you to death!

Scarlet Witch vs Elsa

Scarlet Witch we all know is weird. Elsa we know has no limits. Put them together and who knows what would happen. Actually I think I do.

Scarlet Witch is a mind manipulator and telekinesis freak! She has the magic everyone dreamed they had ever since they saw Harry Potter.

Elsa people remember because of "Let It Go!" but I feel there is so much potential within her that shouldn't be overlooked. Remember that snow blizzard she made? Or how she can turn people into solid ice with one shot to the heart? I feel like if Elsa can make a blizzard and shoot Scarlet Witch in the heart before she gets mind controlled, Elsa will have it in the bag!

The score is now three to three!

Quicksilver vs Dash

There really isn't much more to Quicksilver and Dash besides what their names suggest; they're fast.

I feel Quicksilver would win because of his more years of experience and more fighting training.

Sorry Incredibles.

Falcon vs Tinker Bell

This is an odd paring, I know. You'd be surprised how hard it is to pick a flying Disney character that could shoot stuff.

Falcon can fly and shoot high tech blasts. Tinker Bell can fly and shoot Pixie Dust. Pixie Dust really can't kill, but Falcon I do feel would have a hard time finding that tiny fairy. When he shoots her though he'll just need one shot and she's dead.

Tink loses.

War Machine vs Buzz Lightyear

This is considering all of Buzz's powers actually were real.

Buzz would have a powerful laser and flight while War Machine would have various blasts and flight. Buzz would just be too overpowered I feel. Buzz is strong though, their is no doubt about that. In hand to hand combat Buzz could win for sure, but in a full out brawl... The odds are not in his favor.

Avengers 5, Disney 3.

Vision vs Merlin

Vision has the most powerful thing in the universe, an infinity stone. Then again, that's only in the Marvel universe.

Merlin is said to be the most powerful magician of the whole Disney Universe! Do you think a little rock will defeat him? Maybe...

This infinity stone is indestructible therefore making the Vision undefeated until removed from his head. Merlin I feel would somehow, someway manage to get the stone off of his head. The Vision is nothing without his stone, Merlin doesn't need his wand.

Come on Disney, tie it up!

Captain America vs Sora

For this of you who don't know, Sora is only the Keyblade master from the Kingdom Hearts Video Game Franchise! He has various abilities with his Keyblade, mostly just knocking people out in the head.

Captain America has a shield made from the strongest metal in the world. I'm sure the Keyblade can't break through that, but can his magic? That's really a matter of how many hits Sora gets in. Captain America also has way more advance hand to hand combat. Sora would have to be fast and agile. With all his abilities, I still feel Sora would win. Sora can also heal... That I feel gives him a major advantage to victory!


Disney made it a close race, but the Avengers are still undefeated with a victory of 6-5! I do feel I could make Disney win if I added some villains, but I think that is just unfair and wanted to keep the characters comparable and good. Should I have traded Beast for Ralph from Wreck-It-Ralph? Should Peter Pan try taking on Falcon? Can the Avengers ever be defeated?


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