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Recently, I have watched two amazing movies for the first time, the new spy flick [Kingsman: The Secret Service](tag:713143), and the grim superhero film Watchmen. As much as the tone and overall feel of these two movies are very different, I noticed quite a few similarities between the two films.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for both Kingsman: The Secret Service and Watchmen. If you wish to avoid these spoilers, I would advise that you read no further.

Both Films Are Based Off Of Graphic Novels

Kingsman was adapted from comic The Secret Service
Kingsman was adapted from comic The Secret Service

It's common knowledge that Watchmen is based off of a graphic novel with the same title, but did you know that Kingsman has a comic counterpart as well? Instead of being called Kingsman, the comic was merely titled The Secret Service. The book and the film have many differences, but the source of the story, as with Watchmen originated with a graphic novel.

They Both Center Around Crime-Fighting Organizations

Both the Watchmen and the Kingsman are organizations in which several individuals team up to fight crime, in their own ways of course. They both combat criminals to make the world a better place, albeit the Watchmen are a bit more brutal with their tactics.

Both Films Start Out With A Death In The Organization

That's gotta hurt
That's gotta hurt

As soon as Watchmen starts, we see the Comedian fighting for his life before being thrown out the window. That loss to the group haunts them for much of the film. In Kingsman, we see Eggsy's father jump on a grenade to save Galahad, Merlin, and Lancelot. Both of these deaths have consequences that play out later in the film.

Both Organizations Are Composed Of Nearly All-Male Characters

The Kingsman had Roxy and the Watchmen had the Silk Spectre. Other than those two characters, the organizations were made up of only male characters. However, that one female character plays a large role in both stores, even though she is outnumbered by the other gender.

Beloved Fan-Favorite Characters Give Their Life

Colin Firth like you've never seen him before
Colin Firth like you've never seen him before

Galahad and Rorschach are two very different characters, but they are both widely loved by fans of the films. However, due to the villains ultimate plans, both meet their unfortunate end a bit prematurely than we would have liked.

Both Films Have Brutal Violence

Both films are rated R, and for good reason. Many scenes in Watchmen (most of which involving Rorschach) have very graphic and brutal scenes of violence, with arms being severed and heads being hacked. Kingsman also had some scenes that made me cringe, such as the church scene. Stabbings and shootings alike were shown in great detail, and don't even get me started on Lancelot being cut in half.

The Villain Plans To Kill Millions In Order To Save The World

Some villains want world domination, some villains just want to watch the world burn, but the villains in both of these movies want to save humanity, by any means necessary. Valentine planned to turn man on each other, to let mankind itself control it's population. His plan would have resulted in billions of people dead if it had succeeded. Ozymandias had a very similar plan. He set off explosions of Dr. Manhattan's energy to stop the U.S. and the Soviets from nuclear war. Both were prepared to let mass amounts of people die for their better world.


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