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Well, I am sitting down to type out my review of Terminator: Genisys after watching a little bit ago. The words that I want to use to describe the film would not be acceptable for all ears. So to put it frankly, it was bad. It was a mockery of the franchise, more so than the third and fourth movie. What makes this event even more morose is that there are two more sequels in the plans. Maybe the epic failure (at least critically) of this film will detour those plans, but then again we have Transformers to tell us otherwise. If you have not seen this film yet and are debating on whether to watch it or not, do not spend the money. Limited in highlights, the movie drags for most of its 2 hour runtime. Attempting to salvage the train wreck of sequels that have been produced after Judgement Day, Genisys does nothing to change the way.

Now, I am not a person who loves to hate and destroy movies. I honestly describe what I thought of the movie while watching it. Again, honestly, my hopes were low for this movie as well as my expectations. From the first trailer that I saw, I expected little from this movie. Which brings me to the first issue I have with the movie: the trailers. Why must the trailers spoil the “big” plot twists in the movie? Granted, the movie foreshadowed them by spoon feeding the audience within the movie (they made it clear that this was not going to be your momma’s Terminator). However, Sarah Connor being ready for Reese’s time travel and John Connor being the Terminator of the film were given to the audience for free on YouTube and TV commercials. Even if the plot twist is not set up well, at least the movie can chance it by hoping to surprise at least a few people rather than give up before it even starts. It demonstrates either a misunderstanding about what a trailer should do or a lack of confidence in the ability to surprise audiences.

To get into the movie, the first thirty minutes seems like an attempt to bring back nostalgic feelings of the first two movies. With parts of scenes from the first being used to set up the action of this movie and the T-1000 from the second as an introductory villain (sort of), it brings the good films into a bad movie. Side note, sequels/reboots need to stop doing this in general. Rather than bring nostalgia, it simply creates a sadness of wishing for those movies to be playing rather than this one (at least for me). The action is alright, a bit confusing at times attempting to determine who is who. Unlike other scenes from previous movies, none of these action scenes will be remembered or revered for much time after the summer. The one scene that might be remembered would be the bus chase on the Golden Gate Bridge, but that would be for a wrongful reason: there is no way Reese survived that without being buckled in. Maybe some people will remember the action, but I believe the bulk will not at all.

Poor acting is almost expected in an action movie. It should not surprise anyone that the acting in this movie is subpar at best. J.K. Simmons might have the strongest performance, but even his is a reminder of the huge step down he took from winning an Oscar for Whiplash. The chemistry between Jai Courtney and Emilia Clarke seems to be completely missing. They did not seem to click in anyway at all, which hurt the movie. The surprising thing to me was how poor Arnold did in his role. Maybe it was because he talked a lot more in this movie than the other three combined (an exaggeration I’m sure). In T-3, Arnold talked more than he did in the other two films as well and that movie as a whole did not work. Even in T-3, Arnold came off as better machine than he did in this movie. In Genisys, Arnold did not feel like a terminator.

As always with my mind, I could go on a fifteen minute rant per subject that I found wrong during the movie. Instead, I’ll list my thoughts that occurred while I watched:

• These explosions would really make Michael Bay proud.

• Why do the machines in the future always look the same no matter when the film was made? (Talking about the quality of how they look, not design).

• Jai didn’t kneel before Zod like the terminators do during time travel.

• Old Arnold v. CGI Arnold came earlier than expected.

• The explanation of how a terminator ages is said in one sentence, because logic!

• Wow, the T-1000 was made a shell of itself in this movie.

• I hate you James Cameron (for saying this movie was as good as the first and T-2).

• Jumping forward in time, how? Why? Where?

• Can they not send people to decent locations during time travel or does the plot require confrontation per time travel? Is that the price to travel through time?

• Pepsi production placement

• Why can’t they all trust each other? At this point in the plot, you think they could trust each other. But no!

• “I’ll be back!”

• Are they purposefully trying to recreate the final scene from T-2 or was that simply accidental?

• Arnold lives because sequels!

Whether you agree or disagree with this review (for those who have already seen the movie), it cannot be argued that this movie does not compare to the first two movies. It is simply a reminder of how this franchise is a shell of its former self. They should stop making these movies; instead they should focus on create original ideas that might be good or bad. Most audiences were not excited for this movie. The only reason I watched this movie is because I enjoy doing movie reviews and want to write ones about movies that are current (rather than movies that came out a few months ago). After this, I will write a review about Minions, Ant-Man, and then who knows. I hope you enjoyed (even if I did anger you).


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