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Baldwin Collins

The suave British crime fighting Gentleman, Simon Templar will be returning to British t v network, ITV according to media reports recently in a re-imaging version for a modern audience, This report is not to be mistaking for a Already made new version, made in 2013 a pilot movie for television. Which starred Adam Rayner as Simon Templar and also had Actors roger moore and ian ogilvy in it.

The Templar character is not new to either Television or film, the Genesis started on radio in the late 1920s with the voice of actor the late Vincent price, until the Character created by Author Leslie charteris made the transition to the films, The first one titled 'the saint' in new york' (1938) Which Started 7 other B movies by R K O PICTURES. the ninth film was considered a american version titled ' the saint's Girl Friday' (1953)

Sir roger Moore is known as the original actor today, to make the Simon Templar a Television success in 118 Episodes Airing from (1962) to (1969) making the Character his signature role for decades. The Character returned to Television Again, in (1978) to (1979) one only season With actor Ian Ogilvy, in a series titled 'The return of the saint' However Hollywood star, Val kilmer played the Legendary crime fighter and thief in a Paramount picture version in (1997). Which Disappointed Simon Templar purist's like myself. never recovered watching the film since then.

However Do you believe, that 'The Saint' Fans are ready for a possible remake t v series in the future ?


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