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This is my contest entry to the Ultimate Apocalypse Team. This team will be suited for me and what I think I'll need in dessert conditions. The team will need to be suited for tough life, work well as a team and have the skills to keep us all alive because I will be a sure weak link in the mix! My trio will consist of 3 factors: The Brains, The Brawn and The Survivor. The three are as follows:

1. The Brains - Mark Watney (The Martian)

No it's not Interstellar..
No it's not Interstellar..

Now I know The Martian is a movie that isn't out yet, but this guy is far too vital to be left off the list. The movie's plot is about Mark (Matt Damon) enduring a mission to Mars where the NASA headquarters think he's dead. But to their ignorance, he is well alive and must "science the shit" out of Mars to supply himself with food in an inhabitable planet and also try reach Earth. If this dude can survive that, the a post-apocalyptic world would be like a tutorial for this guy.
This movie is out September this year, and just remember this contest entry while watching him.

2. The Brawn - Caesar (Dawn of The Planet of The Apes)

Monkey business
Monkey business

Who said the team had to be all humans? Caesar was one of the most captivating and intimidating characters of 2014 cinema and I'm sure any bandits/robbers that would go up against my team will be running away when they see that staring at them (above). And who knows, maybe there's some monkeys around in this apocalyptic world that he lead and use to give us the randomest, most badass team around.

3. The Leader - Joel (The Last of Us)

When you think of post apocalyptic worlds, it's damn near impossible not to think of Joel from the insanely popular PS4 game, The Last of Us. The guy is a natural born leader who would fight for anybody he cares for and I would fight to get this guy to care for me cause he is a survival expert. Whether it's looking for food supplies, escaping bandits or fighting zombies (if that may be the case) this guy is the man. He is smart, strong, convincing and he could definitely keep me Caesar and Mark Watney going strong.

So there you have it guys. That's my random, uncomprimisable strike force team for situations of stealth, all guns blazing or tea-time dinner. My team would stick it out even if I died first! Check us out in all our glory below.

Some honourable mentions just because why not..

Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

Robert Neville (I Am Legend)

Max (Mad Max)

Star Lord (Guardians of The Galaxy)

Bear Grylls

Ray (San Andreas)


What do you think, would we survive?


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