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OMG! Who spends an hour trying to decide which is their favorite zombie movie from a list!?! I couldn't help it though! For 40 years I've been hooked on zombie flicks. I do have to admit though, after paying homage to George for bringing us the classic greats, Zombieland was the one I related to the most. It finally came out and stated all the things we had been shouting at the screens during every zombie movie made before it. Admit it, didn't you feel like you were finally getting the recognition you deserved for being right all those years? You could finally look at your friends and say "See! I told you so! Always! Always double tap!" Heck! The whole country was buying up every Twinkie they could find when Hostess was having problems, and we didn't even need an apocolypse! I think there would be a lot more survivors though, after 40 years of watching training films, I think the general public is way better educated and prepared to handle a zompocolypse than any population ever depicted in a movie, but then I guess that would be pretty boring if they got that real. Lol


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