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In my post-apocalyptic world I'm choosing a team that will build camaraderie and want to protect each other. As well as growing to become like family, we will all be skilled in survival techniques and combat techniques. These will help ensure our survival in what is sure to be a tough world, but with these guys it's sure to be a fun world.


Tallahassee is one crazy dude. However, he is a literal pro at surviving. We see him take out a horde of rage zombies by himself, just to get a Twinkie! He has experienced true tragedy and has had to learn to live with it. He did not go absolutely crazy, much like Rick in TWD. Tallahassee is very skilled in creative ways to kill zombies that doesn't involve getting directly in harms way, as well as being an outright killing machine. His muscle and finesse in a post-apocalyptic world would be one of the greatest additions to my team. He has proven that he can work well with others, and ultimately protect them.


Forget Rick Grimes and Daryl! The real hero of TWD is without a doubt Michonne. She is the most level headed, experienced, caring, and badass out of the whole bunch. This is why I want her on my team! She knows how to handle situations democratically, however if that doesn't work, she still has her trusty Katana. She knows when to take action and has a undeniably great sense of morality. She could not only help everyone hold on to their humanity, but also protect us and keep us in line. She has also proven herself as a great master of stealth and tracking. These skills would not only be good in combat and protection, but in terms of survival and hunting as well. She will be an indispensable member of my team!


Bronn has always shown himself to not only be highly skilled in swordplay, but to be extremely adaptable. He's someone who goes with the flow, whilst always remaining in control. This is the exact attitude we need, once we are surviving out in this broken world. He's also very charming and happy in the face of most certain death. This sort of calmness can be very handy in getting out of situations because he'll be thinking clearly no matter what. He is also a pretty honorable guy, regardless of his being a sell-sword. He has shown that he truly cares about those he becomes close with and will go out of his way to protect them. He really helps round out my team of legendary badasses.

So there you have it! This is the team I choose for my post-apocalyptic adventure. I'm interested in hearing who you guys are choosing as well, so be sure to leave a comment below, and let me know.


Wouldn't you like to see Bronn and Tallahassee hang out killing zombies, while Michonne is silently chopping off zombie heads!


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