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So I have seen a lot of outrage on line over the casting of Tom Holland as the next Spider-Man. And I need to ask - why?

I know a good bit of it is directed at the fact that they are not going with Miles Morales this time around. And I have to ask everyone, why are you set on Miles being on the big screen?

Look. I get wanting diversity in your superheroes and Spider-Man kinda makes sense because we have a racially diverse version of him already in the comics. Well sort of. See Miles belongs to the Ultimate universe and not the main Marvel U. And I know this is about to change, but they are merging the universes and Miles and Pete will live side by side. I get that and I'm glad to see it, but there is a whole mess of junk that goes along with that.

So you want Miles, but don't you want the character handled correctly? I want all the Spidey fans out there to go back in there memories and take a look at Spider-Man 3. We all wanted Venom, we got him, and well it wasn't good. Why? Because there is a long and complicated back story for Venom in the comics that makes him a cool and complex character, and trying to throw that into a 2 hour movie that is already packed with other villains didn't work.

Now we have Miles that we all want, but Miles Morales doesn't make sense with out Peter Parker. See Miles idolizes Peter and then has an accident that gives him similar powers, he is hesitant to take up the mantle of Spider-Man after Peter dies in the Ultimate Universe and is afraid he will never live up to the legend that Peter was. Also he struggles with his identity feeling that he lives in the shadow of Peter Parker. So since we are rebooting yet a third time, we need to establish a Peter before we can get a Miles.

Don't get me wrong I think it is eventually coming and now that the comics are merging the universes we may get them side by side in the movies. We shall see. Until then I say give the kids a chance. He's young and we really won't know anything about him till we see the first clips from the movie. I for one am rooting for the kid.

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Spider-Man is coming back with another new face
Spider-Man is coming back with another new face

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