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I love all things zombie and having suspense drawn out to build up tension. I like out right jumps and i appreciate a good scare.
Caryn Elizabeth Baird

Okay , there are many questions surrounding a "zombie apocalypse". Are they intelligent?, can they run?, can they open doors? Whatever abilities they may have - a good team increases your odds. My choices-though tough to only pick 3- would be.......

Ellen Ripley from the Aliens anthologies. Not only is she a survivor , but she is also a pilot, fighter and scavenger. Her ingenious use of a flamethrower would be quieter and precise in an apocalypse. She is my first choice....

My second choice would be Zoe from the Left for Dead game on Xbox. Again not only is she a bad-ass but she is also a survivor and she is not afraid of a fight. She is also a medic and is able to treat many injuries which would be a priority in an apocalypse. She is also an amazing shot which would help with ammo reserves. She is my second choice.......

My third and final choice would be Daryl Dixon from the hit T.V series The Walking Dead. Daryl has over come many obstacles,both personal and survival. He is a great shot with his cross bow, a good scavenger and is set on safety first. He weighs up the situation and acts accordingly. He shows grace under pressure and is very loyal. Highly defensive,but gentle at the same time, Daryl is the comfort you would need in a harsh reality such as an apocalypse.

Those are my choices, who would you pick to be in your team?


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