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Imagine a world where Chibodee Crocket and Domon Kasshu actually went face-to-face in front of a massive world audience, and you were there to see it; a world where two-person teams like the synced Jaeger pilots of Pacific Rim took charge of a massive mecha and dove into combat. For years, giant robots and "mecha" anime have been a staple in Japan. Here in the U.S., support for high-octane robot fights has lead to the revival of an epic underground battle circuit known as BattleBots, which was also recently also highlighted in Disney's hit film, Big Hero 6.

Now, the home of Giant Robots and its bold, enthusiastic neighbor across the sea are finally coming together to kick off what might one day lead to wide-scale, real-world giant robot fighting tournaments.

Robots are awesome
Robots are awesome

We originally met the minds behind MegaBots last year at NYCC, where they debuted the Mark I and won our hearts with their innovative take on a long-awaited milestone for fans of fighting 'bots. Since then, the team has been hitting robot expos and events to show off their tech, launching the Mark II and issuing a bold, historic challenge in a video that might make a bald eagle shed a single, feather-damping tear:

The Mark II boasts guns-upon-guns that can fire 3-pound paintballs at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. Right now, the only major contender that can take down the MegaBot Mark II is Japan's KURATAS, an incredible giant robot that took the internet by storm around the same time that MegaBots first debuted. After the original challenge was issued, the Japanese company responded with a humble, but confident 'yes'.

KURATAS, created by Suidobashi Heavy Industry thanks to the minds of Kogoro Kurata (after whom the suit is named), and roboticist Wataru Yoshizaki, only demands one pilot. It boasts a 6,000 round-per-minute twin BB Gatling cannon, a "LOHAS" launcher which fires either water bottles or possibly fireworks, and a powered humanoid hand called the "iron crow" that is capable of picking up objects.

You loved Pacific Rim? Of course you did.
You loved Pacific Rim? Of course you did.

On top of even more weaponry, the U.S.' Japanese rival has raised the stakes, suggesting hand-to-hand combat as part of the epic duel.

Giant Robots are Japan's home turf, and the MegaBots team has boldly decided to challenge that long-won pride in what can easily be described as a nerd's ultimate wet dream. While no date has been officially announced, Team MegaBots has suggested a battle for the ages some time in 2016. Who do you think will take home the prize?


Who are YOU rooting for?


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