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Justin Taylor

If I had to choose 3 people to help me survive the wasteland it would be

  • #1 - WOLVERINE (Old Man Logan Version)
I wouldn't mess with that guy
I wouldn't mess with that guy

He is strong, smart and knows his way across the land and is a bad ass of Gigantic protections. In my crew he would be the muscle and help us stay alive in the unforgiving wasteland. He also has vast knowledge on how to grow food in the wasteland since he is a farmer. His healing ability would come in handy ensuring he will always be a part of our team and always around to protect us.

  • #2 Bear Grylls

The dude has an endless supply on how to survive ridiculous situations. From extreme deserts, to a vast winter land he has survived it all. His knowledge would be invaluable and would helps us survive in the toughest of times on the least amount of supplies possible. He needs to be a part of any survival team.

  • #3 Iron Man/Tony Stark

My third pick would Iron Man because of his brains. He could help u build a small encampment and build contraptions t grow plants at an advanced rate and a steady supply of water. he would be able to build whatever we need wen we need it


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