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I knew who would be on my team the moment I saw the contest title! So, here is my apocalypse survival team!!!

III - Quicksilver (Marvel)

He's fast, so fast that no one could put up a fight. They would be down before even touching their weapons. Also great for scouting ahead and making sure no one sneaks up on us.

II - Terminator (Terminator)

A pretty much unstoppable robot who is as smart as a human. No one can't beat this badass beast. He also wouldn't require what a human need's which means food and water lasts longer.

I - Kaliyo (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

Badass alien gunslinger! She's the brain's AND the brawn, She's major fast with her pistol and isn't a bad sniper either. And if your not on her side, you don't get any mercy if you cross her.

So that's my team for the apocalypse hope you enjoyed reading!!!


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