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With two highly anticipated summer movies releasing this past weekend, there was a slight chance of Jurassic World being knocked down from it's reigning #1 spot, but unfortunately neither Terminator Genisys nor Magic Mike XXL rose to the challenge.

Here are the TOP 5 movies at the Domestic US Box Office this past weekend, courtesy of Box Office Mojo:

1) JURASSIC WORLD - $30.9 Million

Unarguably 2015's biggest surprise so far has been the monstrously profitable Jurassic World. In just four weeks, Jurassic World has become the 5th highest grossing film of all time with $1.38 Billion Worldwide, passing Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The film has done remarkably well, better than any of us ever anticipated. With Minions releasing this coming week, it's expected that Jurassic World will be knocked down to the #2 spot.

2) INSIDE OUT - $30.1 Million

Pixar's latest hit has done incredibly well both critically and commercially, the film has scored an incredible 98% on Rotten Tomatoes with only 4 negative reviews. The film has grossed $363 Million worldwide and has yet to be released in all international markets. The film opens in the UK July 24th.

3) TERMINATOR GENISYS - $28.7 Million

Unlike most, I found the fifth installment in the Terminator franchise to be great fun, I had a blast with the film, which is why these low numbers disappoint me. The film did open in the US on Wednesday and over the full five day grossed $44 Million but these are still disappointing numbers. The film most likely had a $150 Million budget and then some for marketing probably averaging out at around $200 Million. The film has grossed $129 Million worldwide and is probably going to be profitable, but as the start of a new Terminator trilogy, this can't be a great sign for the filmmakers. Both Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machine and Terminator: Salvation opened with higher results, I personally think Genisys is a much better film than those two earlier sequels. There just isn't that much excitement for this franchise anymore. The film did gross $85 Million internationally this weekend which is a good sign, proving that Arnold is still an international star.

4) MAGIC MIKE XXL - $11.6 Million

Magic Mike XXL had some great trailers, a smart marketing campaign and mainly positive reviews. The film over its five day opening grossed $27 Million in the US alone on a reported budget of around $15 Million. The film had a 96% female audience which is no surprise, but upon my own viewing of the film, I found it to be highly entertaining and I would suggest that men go and see this film for reasons stated in my review. The first film did gross more on it's opening with $39 Million on a $7 Million budget.

5) TED 2 - $11 Million

The talking teddy bear with a stigma for weed and hookers is back and has failed to impress. The film only scored a 46% on Rotten Tomatoes and only opened with $33 Million last week. The trailers and marketing for the film have been pretty shoddy and I even forgot many times that the film was releasing. The first film was a huge shock to many but perhaps the sequel just failed to improve on its predecessor. The film opens in the UK this Wednesday.

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