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Want to be one of the first people using Metagravy?

Great news everyone! We’re ready to introduce Metagravy to the public! Now although the product is in its very early stages, the Metagravy team is looking to beta test a key component of the app to a select group of movie and TV fans.

What are we testing?

A key component of Metagravy is providing enhanced content for viewers while they watch their favorite movies or shows. This content could be comments, behind-the-scenes videos, graphics, audio, games, artwork or other information objects. We call them lumps because they will appear throughout the entertainment experience just like lumps in the gravy (Metagravy). All of this user-made content will be compiled in Metagravy’s library so that fans can discover more about what they are watching!

We are looking for creative individuals who will use Metagravy to create “content lumps”. Our team has chosen Joss Whedon’s Serenity for our product’s first beta test.

Joss Whedon's Serenity
Joss Whedon's Serenity

How to be one of the first to test Metagravy?

We are asking for your help in funding our creative project! Rewards for funding our platform include “discovery points” within our app, the opportunity to choose the next movie or TV show for future tests, and even a chance to meet with our team and other creators in Los Angeles! Certain Restrictions Apply.

As part of the beta we will learn how to improve Metagravy for both the fans and the core creators so the entertainment experience becomes participatory and collaborative. This is a community we are building, people!

This beta test is just the first step! We’re leading up to a bigger launch so that we can make Metagravy available to everyone. Help support our dream to enhance the viewing experience!

Check out "Metagravy" for more information as well as this video!

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