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Delisa Elizabeth

So “Magic Mike XXL” was one of those movies where you are like, “I know it’ll be bad but Channing Tatum is so hot and he dances so well”.

I took it upon myself to go and of course had my fiancé accompany me to see it (bless his heart).

Going into this I knew that this movie was not going to be an Oscar winner by any means and it wasn’t.

It wasn’t that good, entertaining? Yes but not good.

Let’s be honest, what else could they possibly do with a movie about male entertainers that they hadn’t already done in the first “Magic Mike” movie?

There was dancing, gyrating, dancing, strippers, more gyrating, awkward moments in almost every scene, weird camera shots, unnecessary adlibs and strippers.

To be fair, I enjoyed it more than the first “Magic Mike” but that isn’t saying much. I am a woman and found the movie entertaining for all the obvious reasons but everything else was poo. There was a few funny scenes which made the movie bearable but still.

If you do decide to watch this movie, just be prepared for awkward moments and weird camera movements throughout the whole movie.

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