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Alright, alright. I've seen a whole bunch of lists of post-apocalyptic teams that are great and all, but missing one aspect. Team-work. What if your team doesn't work well together? You're most likely going to die... Well, that's if you're not a bad-a** yourself. So here is MY list of the most amazing, bad-a**, well coordinated team.

3. Wolverine (Old Man Logan)

He would survive without a team, no doubt about it
He would survive without a team, no doubt about it

Why I choose Wolverine? Well I have a whole list of things on why I chose Wolverine, it would just take me hours to write that. He's strong, so I would definitely feel safe. He also has a healing factor, so he cant really die. And again, look how buff he is. Who wouldn't feel safe around him?

2. Spider-Man

Look at him! He's amazing!
Look at him! He's amazing!

Alright. Spidey. The best leader, I would say. Also a comedian. VERY FUNNY! Anyways, Spider-Man would just be the best leader. He's is already the best of the best at what he does. He can also use webs to swing from building to building, and climb up building using his bare hands and feet. But he probably wouldn't be the leader of this team.

And now I will unveil my number one person, and the leader of my team......

At #1 is..... Yoda!

Very intimidating. Yet friendly looking.
Very intimidating. Yet friendly looking.

So this spot HAS to be given to Yoda. A great leader he is. He is very wise, and I'm pretty sure Spidey and Wolverine would listen to an alien who can levitate this with his hands and cut you in half with a lightsaber. Well maybe Wolverine wouldn't be scared, just intimidated.

This team would definitely work together. With Wolverine's strength, Spider-Man's witty humor, and Yoda's wisdom, they would survive.

I know I won't win this contest, but this was fun to make, and worth a try!


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