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Lies, back stabbing, violence, no one goes out quietly, Just another day out at the Sopranos.

I first started to watch The Sopranos every since the sad lost of are great James Gandolfini back in 2013 because at the time I only seen a couple of movies with James Gandolfini in, so I said what the heck and watched the first season of The Sopranos and my god this is a great show.

James Gandolfini as the lead character Tony Soprano was just perfection I mean Gandolfini was so good in this role and at times I didn't really see him playing Tony Soprano, I only sawed Tony Soprano himself. As I said before about me seeing Gandolfini in a couple of movies, but now after seeing him in The Soprano I think he gives his best performance on HBO cable.The rest of the cast did good as well, I mean nobody did a terrible performance in the show.

Tony the bad-ass Gangster
Tony the bad-ass Gangster

The intro to the show as well was pretty good, because when you have a great TV show you got to have a great intro and boy dose the Sopranos have a brilliant intro.

Now for the problems: These one thing that I can't stand is filler in TV show episodes, and the Sopranos doesn't have the worst fillers but in some episodes felt a bit filler to me.

Overall Season one of The Sopranos is so far good, I like what I see so far and I can't wait to watch Season Two. Season One was spot on brilliant.


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