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Remington Keyes

As some of you may already be aware, John Campea recently announced that he was coming to Collider to create and run a new branch of the Collider community, Collider Video. As a result of a groundbreaking deal between his former family at AMC Theatres and Complex (Collider’s parent company), Campea announced he was also bringing most of his team along with him as well as some of AMC's most popular shows. AMC Movie Talk is now Collider Movie Talk and I couldn’t be more disappointed! AMC Theatres is partnering with Collider and will be a sponsor of Collider Movie Talk, helping to maintain the excellence Campea's Movie Talk viewers have come to expect. Other popular shows like Mail Bag, Heroes and Jedi Council are also going to be on the Collider Video show schedule moving forward.

Campea look's forward to engaging with all of his fans in the Collider community as he celebrates his shared love of the movies, television and other forms of entertainment. Have a question you’d like asked on one of his shows or perhaps just a message you’d like to send him? You can email Campea at [email protected] Make sure to subscribe to to stay up to date on all of Campea's shows.


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