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When I think of Post Apocalypse earth I think of desert baron cities that shoot up from the sand seas. Where sandstorms and drought are apart of everyday life to an everyday Joe. Kind of like Mad Max or Judge Dredd, just a landscape filled with nothing but death.

Who could thrive in a place like this? Well, I have three Amigos that I would take if this was the case, and these guys live by the power of the Sand.

1. Gaara - (Naruto)

This guy is freakin' sick! Gaara is from the anime show called Naruto and he is able to control sand any way he chooses. Not only does he use sand as a weapon, but he also has a solid coat of sand on him as armor. (It makes him look emotionless!) This guy can be super useful in tight spots, and can come in handy when you need something built on the fly,

2. Sandman - Spider-man

This man is completely made of sand is almost unstoppable! With never ending sand at his disposal, Flint Marko could easily become a lumbering giant that could crush any opposition under his foot. Also he could be stealthy by just turning into grains of sand and slipping through any tight spots that might pop up in the Chaotic World. This guy also has a big heart for his kid so I hope he can share that love with my crew. I would just need to find a giant Umbrella in case it rains....

3. Toph Beifong- Avatar the Last Airbender

For a blind girl Tophl can kick so much butt! With the power to sand, earth, and metal bendingToph is a must for a companion in these waste lands. From being able to sense people nearby and the power to crush a metal car into ball with her bare hands, Toph could easily be one of the strongest on the team.

With this group by my side, I wouldn't feel scared to go on an adventure through the waste lands of a Post Apocalyptic world. Each one these guys could take on an army and live to tell the stories of the butt kicking!


Who is the strongest on this team?


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