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There may be a time that the world may come to a post apocalyptic world and once that day comes, I will try my best to find the right people to join "The Savage Squad" Here are my candidates

Owen Grady and Blue

Owen Grady and Blue from "Jurassic World" would be a great addition to my savage squad because Owen knows his ways around a shotgun when it comes to trouble. Adding on, if my squad gets in trouble with ravages, cannibals or some of creatures, he can ride a Triumph motorcycle with Blue get us out from trouble. Lastly, he knows animal behavior due to his raptors. And Blue can be commanded by Owen. For example if there's an apocalyptic world where animals can talk and move like humans. Owen Grady would know what to do since he's a raptor trainer and knows animal behaviors. Owen would be the leader of the "Savage Squad" and Blue would be an alert dog

Bugs Bunny

My Helicopter goes sua sua sua..
My Helicopter goes sua sua sua..

Bugs is another astonishing addition to my savage squad. I know this might sounds crazy and outrages but hear me out. He would be amazing because if he ever gets hurt by a building collapsing or anything else, he can draw himself back together and can come up with any crazy and fun idea to safety like his ears as a helicopter like based on the cartoon. Also, do you guys remember in Space Jam where Bugs Bunny stretched long enough to to make a dunk? Well he could stretch to a near by escape and get us out of danger. Bugs would be the hype man of the "Savage Squad"


Groot is so far my favorite Guardian, besides Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon. Groot is a lovable creature and he's fun to be around… that is if you're nice to him.

Shoot em up Rocket
Shoot em up Rocket

Groot would be my last addition to the savage squad. He would practically be my guard dog and I would be his rocket raccoon. Hence that whenever there's any creatures or as I said before ravagers or cannibals, I would climb onto Groot and shoot away. If my squad doesn't have any ammo left, Groot would either turn his arm into a shield or cover himself to protect the squad, like he did in Guardians of the Galaxy. In most apocalyptic worlds, the air must be contagious or polluted, but thanks to Groot, he can give the squad fresh oxygen from his branches due to his biology. Groot would be my alert/guard dog except if there's trouble he would yell "I am Groot"

That is it. I hope you guys like my "Savage Squad" for the post apocalyptic world


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