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This was a pretty difficult choice, but one thing my team all has in common is the ability to work as a team but also having the leadership ability to make command decisions and step up for the greater good. We can work together and pull our own weight without lagging behind or jeopardizing our survival.

3. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

Don't let the movie version of Katniss fool you. This girl is fearless and ridiculously strong willed. She is rebellious, determined, and does what she has to do to protect herself and the ones she cares about. Not to mention she's an experienced hunter which means she knows how to be quiet and patiently waits for her kill. I would feel more than confident and safe having Katniss on my team not just as a potential leader, but as a warrior. Plus anyone who has read Mockingjay knows she is capable of a lot of calculated damage.

2. Glenn Rhee (The Walking Dead)

Glenn started out as a minor character but he quickly rose to more of a leadership role and his determination to find the lost while maintaining his humanity is something I have a lot of respect for. He is capable of making the tough decisions and what a lot of people aren't willing to do, but he does it because he knows in order to move forward you have to get your hands dirty. Not to mention he's quick on his feet and is capable of getting himself in and out of some difficult areas.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

1. Ash Williams (Evil Dead)

Come on, who wouldn't want Bruce Campbell on their team?

Not only does Ash have a chainsaw for a hand, his general fearlessness right in the face of evil forces is impressive enough. He defeated the dead twice and managed to do it again in the dark ages with random junk in his car and a college chemistry book. He's not only the brains of the operation but he is definitely the muscle. Whether it's using the chainsaw, an axe, a shotgun, or a shovel he can get the job done and ward off just about any threat coming your way.

Evil Dead II
Evil Dead II

Have someone else in mind for your own team? Mention who would be on your team in the comments!


Who is the most valuable asset of my team?


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