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3.Liam Neeson

In any apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) you need a particular set of skills to survive. If anyone gives our group trouble, Liam Neeson will find them, and he will kill them.

2.Iron man/ Tony Stark

Iron Man is perhaps the most resourceful super hero I have ever seen, and that is extremely important in these situations. Tony can build a generator, or anything else you need from a pile of scraps. Just give him some old junk, and you'll have a working home theater system, complete with a plasma screen TV and surround sound, in no time.

1.Ellie (from The Last Of Us)

Ellie is hands down the best part of the game The Last Of Us. Ellie is someone who'd be able to keep spirits up with her positive upbeat, while still pretty foul mouthed, attitude, and her book of puns. She is also resourceful, and useful in a battle, finding ammo, pointing out enemies, and even taking a few of them out. Ellie is also immune to zombies (well specifically she's immune to crodycepts, the fungus that creates the zombies in The Last Of Us, but for the sake of this article we'll just say she's immune to all zombies) so if she gets bit, no worries, just stitch up the wound so she doesn't bleed to death, and your all good. Ellie is also very loyal and trust worthy.

Plus Ellie is just sssoooo adorable


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