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Well, here I am! Father of three, comic book nerd and movie fanatic! I am here to enjoy some nice conversations and debates with fellow movi

These are my three pics for the apocalypse, if I could pick anyone in the world these three would definitely be my safest picks!

#1 Apocalypse (Marvel Mutant)

I would choose him, "The First One" as defender of my team. Reason why?

Apocalypse has technopathy, he can interact with any kind of technology directly. He has mastery of matter, around and inside him which means he can change what is around him and change himself to a molecular level. By that he can heal himself or regrow parts of his body, make himself different sizes. He has superhuman strength. He can project and absorb any type of energy and he also has the powers of telekinesis and telepathy. He is also a genius in many fields and a good strategist!

#2 Sarah Connor (Terminator Franchise)

Why her? Because she's bad ass, that's why! She grew from the scared young adult in Terminator to be a deadly weapon of a woman bent on surviving and making sure her child was safe.

She's a survivalist, she lived on the outside of the society and had to learn to find the necessities one way or another while constantly fending off deadly machines from the future sent to kill her and her son.

#3 Storm (Marvel Comics)

YES! Her. Why not?

She is considered a goddess. She can control the weather as she pleases, she can influence eco-systems. She can control natural forces, meaning things such as ocean currents, solar winds, etc... She can breathe under water and make herself nearly invisible.

She is excellent at hand to hand combat and at using weapons.

So, this is the list of my fellow survivors. Someone who can control the weather in every single way possible, so we would grow food and have water. Some who can control matter at all levels so we could manipulate the food to grow faster, bigger or more plenty and finally someone human as myself whom i could relate too and who could help me at the same level when it came to different task but truly, with two super mutants as those, who would really need anything at all?


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