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When the Disney universe collides with the Doctor Who universe, one may expect an explosion due to the enormity of both universes. However, the opposite is true! Here are 10 Doctor Who and Disney fanart crossovers that will make you wonder why Walt Disney never included a TARDIS in his fabulous movies!

1. Snow White

You can chase me into the forest any day as long as the Doctor is comin'!

2. Cinderella

Who needs a Prince (or both shoes) when the Doctor and--his infinite TARDIS closet--reach for your hand?

3. Alice

Wonderland will be a walk in the park to Alice in comparison to all of space and time......Curiouser and curiouser every second!

4. Mulan

Why stop at saving all of China when you can save the universe!?

5. Belle

Forget the books, Belle, live the adventures you read about! No more Provincial towns for you.

6. Ariel

I can't give you legs...but I DO have a rather large swimming pool!

7. Jasmine

Magic carpet, you say? Pfft, child's play.

8. Lady and K-9

Tramp? Tramp who? This is K-9. He is a true gentleman!

"Affirmative, Master!"

9. Rapunzel and Eugene

Yes, Eugene, a Time Lord! Don't you realize how lucky you are!? All of Time and Space.......need I say more??

10. Elsa

Hmmm...should I go to Antarctica or Australia?

(Karen Hallion is truly a genius for combining these two fabulously spectacular universes!)


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