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Halloween can be the prime time for girls to go all out on heavy make-up and dress up as their favorite Disney princesses. Luckily, make-up artist and beauty Youtuber Kandee Johnson has got Disney fans’ covered by taking the princesses’ signature look and adapting them into a wearable look outside of a costume party.

Earlier in the year, she started a miniseries where she took on the challenge of picking a Disney princess, analyzing what characteristics stand out and applying them to a more every day make up look to try out for a night out or even to work. She captures perfectly Jasmine’s sultriness with dark eye shadows and reddish plum lip color but she can also switch it up and show you Cinderella’s softer, peachier tones that will suit every skin type.

She also does a great job at explaining how different make up techniques create various illusions. For example, Jasmine’s eyes are wider and at a different angle than most of the other Disney princesses and very caricaturized which can be hard to imitate. She explains step by step how to elongate or widen an eye look or how to fake the nose shape with some simple contouring.

If you are interested in seeing other tutorials like Ariel’s or Snow White’s look, check out Kandee’s beauty channel for all the videos and even more tips on other make up looks.


Which Disney Princess Would you like to look like for the day?


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