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For many years, Marvel has had its properties splintered across various studios, but when Spider-Man partially returned to Marvel earlier this year, that left only one real competitor. That competitor was 20th Century Fox, which own The Fantastic Four and the X-Men Series. Now, most people don't care much about Fantastic Four, but many are angry at the separation of the X-men from the rest of the universe, especially since the X-men universe has been called as expansive and big as the surrounding Marvel universe. To add these two universes together would create a film universe almost perfectly mirroring the comicbook one.

Watch this space...
Watch this space...

Given Fox's and Marvel's plans stop being set in stone around 2018-2019 and have instead become conjecture, many have wondered what their plans past that are. According to a rumour started by 'Pete's Basement' (a comicbook talk show) based on information received from a man by the name of Mikey Sutton, the Fox and Disney/Marvel universes are planning to buddy up for a 2020 film featuring the X-men and The Avengers.

Could this be prophetic?
Could this be prophetic?

Will this come to pass? How? I'm taking a guess at the Beyonder arriving and making some sort of Battleworld, incorporating elements from both 'Secret Wars' stories, but that's just me.


So, will this come to pass? Which storyline would you like to see? The sort of obvious 'Avengers vs X-men' or something much more subtle?


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