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In celebration of Shark Week, the Jasons take on the entire series of Jaws movies... and as things get progressively worse, they get progressively unhinged. They discuss Richard Dreyfuss, Spielberg the cinematic savant, the sailing culture in Jaws 2, the various Bruces of the Jaws series, Sea World, bubble curtains, dead Australians, the shitty 3-D effects of the 1980s, Dennis Quaid, Michael Caine, old people romance, Mario Van Peebles' "Jamaican" "accent," and whether Jaws 4 was made by aliens or not.

0:00:00 - 0:02:26 = Intro
0:02:26 - 0:16:47 = Jaws
0:16:47 - 0:27:36 = Jaws 2
0:27:36 - 0:46:58 = Jaws 3D
0:46:58 - 0:59:52 = Jaws: The Revenge
0:59:52 - 1:02:24 = Outro

Happy Shark Week, everyone! Here's an episode from like 2 years ago to celebrate! (We are always timely here.)

Jason Squared Podcast #28

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