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When Universal Pictures managed to implement Paul Walker in the rest of Furious 7 through the use of CGI it was shown that anything within the special effects industry is possible. With the recent announcement that the next installment in the Halloween series will be a direct sequel to the original two films many have wondered which characters will appear in the recalibrated sequel.

With the amazing techniques CGI is now capable of a major question that can be brought to mind is if Dimension Films will put Donald Pleasence in as Dr. Sam Loomis through the use of CGI. Donald Pleasence is without a doubt the biggest key character in the "Halloween" series having appeared in the first film as well as reprising his role in 4 sequels which is more than any of the characters in the original series. Donald Pleasence unfortunately passed away after filming in 1995's "Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers" and since then his character did not appear in any of the sequels that followed with the exception of the 2007 remake "Halloween" and its sequel 2009's "Halloween II".

Fans of the original films consider Loomis to be the biggest character in the series that was not given proper closure due to his ambiguous fate in "Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers". This would be the biggest impact to the "Halloween" series as it could be the first time bringing back a reprising character through the use of CGI. Despite this being unlikely, bringing back the original character could mean not just having the character appear once again but also giving him the proper closure he rightfully deserves. Do you guys feel Donald Pleasence should be brought back through the use of CGI? Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below.


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