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Now, for those of you that have not yet watched Disney and Pixar Movies' new movie Inside Out, I recommend you drop everything - yes even that PB and J (Look, I know you toasted it and we can all appreciate the extra effort) - and watch it immediately!

For those of you that don't, won't, can't, or just want to watch the world burn, here's a summary I just ripped off some other blogger on this site:

Put simply, it’s the story of a young, 11-year old girl named Riley Anderson whose entire world changes when she finds herself moving from her hometown, Minnesota, to San Francisco, where her father has gotten a new job. -Jon Negroni

Now as a bona fide man who struggles in this day and age to keep up the illusion of masculinity, I'm not afraid to say that this movie was amazing- fun for the whole family! While the concepts were simple enough for any child to easily understand and enjoy, there were plenty of jokes that would make the most serious man on earth break into a might guffaw. Not to mention that I'm pretty sure Disney has hired a bunch of emotion wizards to enchant their films as this one led me to the point of tears... Okay, I cried! Are you happy, internet?!

Now as an eagle-eyed film viewer(Special thanks to all the mad scientists out there), I noticed that like all Disney movies, this one was fully of Easter Eggs or little hidden shouts outs which can be read more in depth here. But I happened to notice that there was one particular...

Warning... Slight spoiler ahead...


Okay, I warned you...




Last chance...




So there is a particularly goofy character in the film named Bing Bong

Hi, my name is Bing Bong!
Hi, my name is Bing Bong!

Bing Bong was Riley(the main character)'s imaginary friend. He's cuddly, funny, wears a hobo jacket, appears to have a tie bolted into his flesh and cries candy. THERE'S THE SPOILER! Just kidding.

However, if you look closely at Bing Bong...

We'll be best friends!
We'll be best friends!


forever and ever!
forever and ever!

Okay, too close!



... Fine, I'll work with what I got... You notice the flower that he wears?

Flower Power!
Flower Power!

If you look at the colors, you will see that they match each of the emotions:

Yellow is Joy

Red is Anger

Blue is Sadness

Green is Disgust

Purple is Fear

and Orange is...

Wait a minute, there is no orange emotion!

Maybe Bing Bong is secretly a emotion too! And somehow he lost his way or forgot!

But Bing Bong isn't orange, so maybe he's the purple one? This doesn't make sense!

As it turns out, Disney was originally going to have a sixth emotion, Surprise, as stated in 19 Super-Interesting Facts About Pixar’s “Inside Out.” (Hyperlinked again for those of you didn't read it before. Look, I'm not trying to advertise or anything, I'm trying to make things convenient for you guys(and girls and anything in between)! I know how hard scrolling up is! It's not like I think the author is cute or anything! ... Okay! gun to my head: she is cute, but that's not why I hyperlinked this for you- look, we're getting off task. If you don't like my mindless rambling, you can just skip the stuff in the parenthesizes!)

Now what does this mean?! Is there a sequel in the works where Surprise is revealed and with this newfound teammate they must all work together to save the world?!?!?!

No... That sounds like the premise of a Power Rangers movie...

In all reality, Disney

planned to feature the emotion Surprise, but that character ultimately morphed into Fear.

scrapped Surprise and fused the role with fear. And with animation costs being what they are these days (slightly cheaper than a gallon of gas), they probably decided not to change Bing Bong's design. Leaving a little shout out to people with TOO MUCH time on their hands. Like you and me...

That being said, I think it's kinda cool that Bing Bong has a flower that has the colors of all the emotions on it! Disney, once again you have won my heart!

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