ByAndrew Shelton, writer at

To survive the post-apocalyptic world, I decided to team-up with the following to characters to help stay alive and eventually rebuild society.

1. John Connor

If you are going to survive the end of the world and work towards a better tomorrow, who better to have than John Connor? A born leader such as John is important in bringing others together and taking on the task of making sure the human race survives. Connor is a given if I want live through the nightmare.

2. Bobby Drake aka Iceman

Bobby is a godsend in a world where air conditioning is no longer a luxury. Need to cool off on a long day of hunting, gathering, and fighting? Iceman is there to make sure I will never die from heatstroke. The best part? That water shortage: no longer an issue!

3. Bruce Banner/Hulk

If I want to survive in the apocalyptic badlands, I need both smarts and muscle. Thankfully Bruce has both. His technical genius will no doubt be a lifesaver for all humanity (at least those that still exist). But when push comes to shove, the Green side of Bruce is just as important to me when it comes to dealing with the deranged bunch looking to conquer the wasteland.


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