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UPDATE: As of 8/8 Netflix has announced that it has renewed Sense8 for a second season. Timing has not been announced.


Several mysteries related to the larger story arc of Sense8 are found in the opening scene of episode one. These include important aspects of the plot of Sense8 that were not fully explained in the first 12 episodes, and so remain to be taken up again if and when there is a season two.

In my synopsis of this opening scene, I identify important questions raised—but not yet fully answered—in the first season.

NOTE: I have no way of knowing if there will be a season two of Sense8. Only Netflix knows, and they haven't announced their decision yet. That said, more than one cast member has hinted that preparation to announce a second season is in process. Sense8 is a huge hit for Netflix. But they need to announce at the right time. I AM NOT WORRIED.

First, read this twice: Angelica (Daryl Hannah) and Jonas (Naveen Andrews) are in the same sensate "cluster." Whispers (Terrence Mann) is from another cluster, but apparently Angelica has at some point looked into his eyes, so that now he can visit her by getting into her head. Jonas has never looked into Whispers' eyes, so they remain separate for the time being.


SYNOPSIS: Episode 1x01 opening scene

We see Angelica laying on an old mattress in an abandoned church. She is addicted to drugs. She has run out of drugs and is suffering terribly from withdrawal. We see her empty stash box and a gun next to her.

Whispers is tracking sensates. Because Angelica has looked into Whispers' eyes sometime in the past, he can use their connection to get into her head, and to know what she knows. Because she is aware of the new cluster waiting to be born, this endangers them. This is why she is using drugs, to stay unconscious as much as possible so Whispers cannot find her, and use her to get to them.

Angel reaches out to Jonas, who appears (not physically). She tells Jonas she is in horrible pain, and needs more "medicine." She doesn't want anyone else to die because of her. Jonas points out that the eight will be hunted born or unborn, and if she births them, they will stand a fighting chance.

(Who has died because of Angel? Other members of her cluster that she failed to hide? Apparently Whispers has found others through her and they were killed).

Angel wants more drugs. Jonas tells her it is too late for that. Whispers has found her and it's too late to escape him. He is coming to the church and is almost there. Angel must use the other method of escape she has avoided until now. She tells Jonas that she is not ready, she is too weak. Jonas says she was always the strongest (in their cluster).

Through an unknown mechanism, Angelica suddenly sees the new cluster. She births them one by one, and appears to each of them where they are around the world, looking each of them in the eyes so they are all joined by her, and become a cluster.

She will now save the eight sensates at the last minute. Bring on the mysteries.

Whispers is almost there. First he is in her head, and we see him next to Angel in the church. Whispers discovers that she has just given birth. He does not know Jonas is there until he hears Angel tell him that she loves him. Whispers tells her that they both know this is a lie (hinting to some shared history between Angel and Whispers, not yet revealed). Jonas tells Angelica that no matter what Whispers says, to remember what he has done (more shared history; what has Whispers done, and what can he tell her to make her forget this?)

Whispers tells her to tell Jonas he is looking forward to meeting him (when Whispers finally captures him?). When Angel picks up the gun, Whispers tells her they both know she will never do "it," (more shared history), that she is "one of us," (who is the us?), that he has come to take her home (what is home?), and that there is so much work to be done (work? was Angelica ever involved with this work??).

A car screeches to a stop outside the church, and Whispers thinks he has her. Whispers enters the church physically, but it is too late. Angelica then kills herself with the gun. She dies to keep the new sensates safe from him.

Jana Bess founded the unofficial Twitter, Facebook and unofficial website for Sense8 in June 2014. She is lucky to have made several acquaintances from the cast, crew and producers of Sense8.


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