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The Apocalypse is happening now! Who would you choose to be by your side and help you survive? Whether they be from a TV show, cartoon, film, or comic book, who would you team up with???

The following are my choices:

1. Gregory House....... M.D.

Thank you, thank you.
Thank you, thank you.

Why? Well, besides the fact that this man has a great sense of humor and is able to contemplate with the world ending, he is also an amazing doctor. With all the risks, his outrageous ideas, and the knowledge he possesses, would qualify him as a necessary ally. In an Apocalypse one would assume that you would have a brush with death, and he would know how to handle any such medical situation. The only con of having him around is his rude sarcasm and dry wit that he may show towards someone, and destroy all your hopes in faith and an afterlife.


2. James "Logan" Howlett


Not only has our friend Wolverine survived countless wars and attacks, but this man is capable of regenerating his flesh as fast as it is stripped away. Besides his semi-immortality, with the exception of decapitation, Wolverine is capable of surviving anything thrown at him from an adimantium bullet, to an Atom bomb. His nose is capable of smelling any poisonous fume from miles away and has the hunting skills of a beast. He also contains the world's strongest metal (In the Marvel Universe that is).... Adimantium, which is the casing around his bones, making him unstoppable. With this man right by your side, no one will even try to mess with you.


3. Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow

Yes, the archer who was able to survive five years on a " hellish" island only to return home for one purpose... to SAVE HIS CITY. Well Oliver, you can't save a city that is Post-Apocalyptic, but you can help others survive and make it through another day. It's not the skills that Oliver has that will make him my last candidate, but his will and heart. Oliver always makes sure he gets his team out of any situation they're in no matter how high the stakes are. He is also willing to devise a plan where everyone will be able to make it to see the next day, only if they execute it correctly. He is also a highly skilled vigilante, but his will separates him from the others. With him on my survival team, I know there wouldn't be any problems we wouldn't be capable of taking on.

With these individuals I would be able to make it through the Apocalyptic lands without a worry in my mind.

Who would you choose? Why?


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