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Brace yourself, bad puns are coming.
Aayush Gupta
The year is 2134, and the post-apocalyptic landscape that had been the backdrop of so many of your favourite films has now become your world.

Jeez, already? Guess Global Warming was a lot more serious than we thought). But the problems don't end here...

Water is scarce, the deserts are endless and there is a steady stream of deranged outlaws on your tail. To stay alive and maintain any hopes of rebuilding civilisation you've got to team up with the absolute best. So, who's in your post-apocalyptic survival team?

Only the best combination of people working together as a team will survive the apocalypse. So, here are the 3 people in MY team (a little different this time)!

The Brains/Tactician - Sherlock Holmes


Sherlock Holmes is an extremely intelligent guy, capable of outthinking almost anyone on the planet. Need a strategy? Talk to this guy. He is definitely one of the people I will be happy to have on my side to survive the apocalypse. Not to mention his constant, funny comments will keep us entertained.

Remember the ending of Season 2, how he outwitted Moriarty, John Watson, and nearly everyone he knew by faking his own death? That was probably THE best part in the whole series for me. A man with that level of intelligence and cunning is definitely welcome on my side!

The Muscle/Soldier - Bruce Lee


Bruce Leeeeee!!! Don't judge him by his looks, he is arguably the best martial artist ever, he can take down multiple enemies at once. Would be a useful person to hang around with, specially when there are outlaws on our trail, a team would need a fighter like him. I loved his moves from the movie Enter the Dragon, he fought off several people at once, seemingly without any effort at all!

The Survival Expert - Bear Grylls

He's da man!
He's da man!

Who does not know him!? Yes, he is that guy from the Man vs. Wild TV series on (Discovery Channel, I think). He is an expert on survival, specially in apocalyptic conditions, and will know where to find food, water, and shelter. Obviously I will want him at my side, as these things are essential. Want to know what things can be found to eat to survive? Ask him. Need to find a good place for shelter? Ask him. He can guide others and live anywhere from mountains to deserts to dense forests.

So this is my survival team. Whats yours?


Do you think I will survive the Apocalypse?


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