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If you haven't seen the original superhero drama Heroes, you still have some time to catch it on Netflix before the sequel series, [Heroes: Reborn](tag:926825) starts this fall.
If you're a fan of the show like me, then you're excited (and probably a little nervous) to see how this new series stacks up. You most likely remember it ended on a rough note. Unfortunately for it's loyal fans the show had trouble finding it's footing after the first season when it was NBC's breakout hit!

Here's a list of the characters we know are returning, and some that we can still hope for:


Noah Bennet

How could they do a sequel without Bennet? He has a long history chasing these special people. It's likely we'll see him in some form or another doing the similar thing to what he was by the end of the original series. It's likely that he's even in charge of the new version of The Company.

Angela Petrelli

Angela was a recurring character before she became a series regular, but she was a large part of the mythology in the show since the original pilot. She was the mother of two of our main characters, and one of the best anti-heroes we could ask for. She was good, she was bad and she was amazingly well written. Christine Rose is only listed on IMDB for a single episode, but I'm hoping for more!

Matt Parkman

Parkman was a huge part of the entire show, and even though he was unevenly written I'm excited his character is coming back! The police officer who can read minds - he has so much potential! What do you think happened to his baby that could turn electronics on and off?

Micah Sanders

The genius boy who can control machines. He could make it so you have all green traffic lights, or even pop out all the cash out of an ATM. This kid would be pretty awesome to have around. He ended up being "Rebel" who was helping our other heroes escape their capture in season 3. I'm excited that he's coming back after being MIA for a couple of seasons (minus a couple cameos as "Rebel") and we get to see how he's all grown up!

The Haitian

"One of us and one of them," right? I loved Bennet, but his partner in crime, Rene, was a great character too! He didn't even have to speak for us to love having him around. He's a living power dampener AND he could erase selective memories taking them as his own. He'll be really fun to have back!

Mohinder Suresh

Suresh is one of the core original characters, and he's the narrator at the beginning and end of most episodes. Personally I hope the narration comes back, I really enjoyed the philosophy of black vs white, good and bad, and how every person actually has shades of grey. Eventually Suresh received his own powers due to the formula that was created, and it radically changed his personality making him erratic and dangerous. I'm very curious about what's happened to him.

Hiro Nakamura

Hiro was arguably the heart of the show, and as the main protagonist he was behind one of the first original chilling moments when Future Hiro showed up to talk to Peter and said "save the cheerleader, save the world!" In the Heroes: Reborn trailer we got a short glimpse of Hiro as he appeared as his future self. I'm very excited to see how his character has evolved into a new man; the man we saw in the future. In the future we were told that the reason Hiro lost his innocence and carefree attitude was because of his best friend Ando's death. Has Ando died, is this part of why Hiro has turned into who he is?

So there you have it. The characters we KNOW will be returning. We're getting a string of new characters too. There isn't much released about them yet, but there's a few that I'm very excited about!

Molly Walker

Molly was a cute and innocent little girl that played a huge part of Season 1, and was possibly one of the most powerful heroes there was. She was key to the heroes finding Sylar with her ability of being able to locate anyone anywhere. In Season 2 she lived with Mohinder and Parkman and was eventually sent away to a safe place. I'm so excited for Molly to return....even though she has been recast!


Luke Collins

We know nothing about Collins yet mostly just that he's played by Zachary Levi who is beloved by nerds everywhere thanks to his hit show Chuck. From the trailers and other promos it looks as though Collins could be a bad guy, but in traditional Heroes fashion it's likely that he's more a shade of grey villain than pure evil.


Another brand new face! (and wow look at that face - I could look at him for a very long time...) Nothing is known about this character yet either, in the trailer we see glimpses of him but nothing revealing what his powers might be or whether we can expect him to be a villain or hero.


If you recognize Robbie Kay it's because he was a villain recently in Once Upon A Time, where he played Peter Pan in an awesome twist where he was a villain. In my opinion he's been the best villain! He made that role, and as a wonderful actor I'm excited to see him go onto something else.

In the trailers it appears that Tommy is a telekinetic; so he can move objects with his mind. This seemingly simple power actually can only grow into something extraordinary. In the Heroes comic books, characters have been able to use it to fly, move mountains and even rip people in half with just looking at them. Tommy could easily become one of the most powerful new characters.


Another character we know virtually nothing about. His character poster says "Expose what they did," with that my best guess is that he's not a "gifted" person but a man who is eager to expose the failings of the dangerous "gifted" people in the world, or possibly The Company. It's going to be interesting to see Zebrowski in a serious role. He was most recently on A to Z as the fat, clumsy and stupid best friend character. It may be hard for me to take him seriously.

Anne Monroe

Krista Bridges is listed on IMDB as a recurring character named Anne Monroe. There's no images of her yet, but here's a picture of the actress as she appeared on Rookie Blue. What's interesting is that she shares the same last name as Adam Monroe from Heroes Season 2 never-aging antagonist. Adam was one of the original founders of The Company, and I'm convinced it's no coincidence that this woman shares his last name. Perhaps she's his daughter?


Claire Bennet

She was the leading lady of the original series, and the show ended with her doing a swan dive off a ferris wheel on live television, healing and showing the world that these people with powers exist all around them. With her adopted father returning it's likely Claire will be a hot topic, especially now that we know she's been dead for about a year once Heroes: Reborn starts. However I'm still hoping time travel or flashbacks could reveal more about Claire's death, so Hayden Panettiere could still appear!

Peter Petrelli

Peter is another major player in all the previous volumes. His power is confusing, in the first season he could absorb anyone's powers that he came in close proximity with, but after his not-so-dead father steals his powers (and all those he has absorbed), Peter is left powerless for a short time until he takes a prototype serum that gives people powers, and he receives a limited version of his original powers now only being able to absorb one power at a time.
It's unclear if we'll see Peter return yet or not. We'll see his mother briefly, but I doubt that we'll see his character return anytime soon. As much as I want him to rumor has it that Milo Ventimiglia wanted too much money, and without that won't be returning.

Ando Masahashi

Ando didn't start out with powers, he received them halfway through the show. He gained the powers through the experimental serum giving himself powers that are twofold; one he can amplify other people's powers allowing them to do things that would normally be out of their range, and two he can shoot "red lightning" energy blasts.

It's very likely that Ando will return to the series as we're seeing his BFF Hiro return, after we last saw both of them they were present at the carnival witnessing Claire's ferris wheel stunt. Although with Future Hiro appearing in the Heroes: Reborn trailer, it's likely that he's become all dark and angry like he was in Season 1's alternate future, a future where Ando had been killed, and Hiro had lost all his hope and optimism because of his friend's death.


The original villain Sylar had a very rough road, but in the end he became a hero. He's beloved by Heroes fans, and everyone wants him to return in Reborn, but it's very unlikely as Quinto has become a huge movie star. The most we can hope for is a cameo or two, not because he refuses to return but because he's a very busy guy!

Tracy Strauss

After Niki's death we were introduced to another of the triplets that had been experimented on and then adopted. Tracy had a unique power she could freeze anything and anyone. She even solidified her entire body into an ice form that could be destroyed and put back together. She has also taken on the form of water, pure liquid. Tracy was MIA at the end of the series, but she's still alive and could return! Her and Micah had started to form a relationship, if nothing else I hope he can inform us what she's been up to.

Samuel Sullivan

Sullivan was introduced as the Season 4 villain, the man who ran a carnival full of evolved humans that he'd "collected" over the years. He attempts, and succeeds in bringing several of our main characters into his fold. His power is unique, he has the ability to move Earth, minerals and rock with his mind. His terrakinesis is used several times to destroy entire buildings where just one person had offended him, the other casualties were insignificant. At the end of the series he was taken down by our heroes and imprisoned. It would be really cool if he came back, and we saw an evolved humans prison, maybe with inhibitors like from the X-Men comics that dampen powers.


Here's a collage of some of our favorite Heroes characters that are deceased. Unfortunately for us none of them are likely to make an appearance, even though death hasn't always been permanent in superhero stories it's unlikely as we go into a sequel series that some of these older characters will be brought back from the dead. The best we can hope for would be flashbacks or time traveling.


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