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Terminator Genisys was supposed to reboot the famed franchise. It was supposed to kick off a new trilogy with the next one coming in May, 2017. But, post opening weekend, is that still happening?

Genisys made $27m over the three-day with $42.5m with the five-day at the domestic box office (Box Office Mojo). These were certainly not the numbers that Paramount was hoping for. It didn't even do well enough to crack the top 2 as Inside Out and Jurassic World still reigned supreme. Now Genisys did okay overseas. It knocked Jurassic World out of top spot Internationally with $73.3m. And it still has many of the bigger markets to open in. The international numbers might save the film from being a complete bust. It might even break even and make some money. But with opening with a three-day lower than the last two installments, Rise of the Machines and Salvation, did Genisys kill the franchise?

Forbes did a great article about six reason the movie didn't do well. Listing reasons such as terrible marketing and reviews, the one I most agree with is it not being the main event. When Paramount was picking a date, how in the world could they predict the juggernauts that are Inside Out and Jurassic World? They actually picked a good date. They just happened to run into a phenomena.

With everything going against it, including a reported budget of $155m, can the franchise go on? Sure. If the studio wants it to. And the cast and crew seem to be on board, with many under long-term contracts. But with this being the second failed attempt at making Terminator relevant, maybe it is time to let the franchise die.

Then again, he does always find away back.

He's Back!
He's Back!


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