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This was hard! Okay, so I decided no superheroes because that is obviously a cop-out, but otherwise it was fair game.

I may be a feminist, however, it was a total accident that I ended up with three women. I guess I just gravitate towards badass women. Who knew? ;)

Let's get cracking, shall we?

1. Helena from Orphan Black

Helena is definitely the most unorthodox choice on my list. As a former Prolethean assassin, she certainly has the training and the sheer will to destroy those that threaten her (or, more recently, those she loves).

She initially enters the show as the antagonist, but her inexplicable, innate connection to Sarah diverts Helena's attention from her mission and drives her to question her reality. Helena even kidnaps Sarah's daughter, Kira, with the intention of using the child to lure Sarah to her death. Yet she cannot bring herself to do it. Helena sees Kira's sweetness and innocence and decides to spare Kira. Granted, her actions indirectly put Kira in danger, but Helena's extreme feelings of guilt prove that, despite everything she has been through, she has a strong sense of right and wrong.

I chose Helena because she is more willing to sacrifice her status as the "Original" than a child she just met. Helena rejects everything she knows for a family that she didn't know existed.

In this scenario, I would want to be surrounded by people with an unwavering moral compass. Helena is the kind of person that would move mountains for her "sestras" (or take out drug families or break into military facilities).

Also, having a crazy Ukrainian around would do wonders to lighten the mood after the apocalypse strikes. I'll be sure to pack Jell-O.

2. Michonne from The Walking Dead

I hate to bore you with the same commentary so [insert importance of moral center speech here].

Also, have you SEEN how she wields a sword?

Not to mention, Michonne often approaches problems in creative and interesting ways. I mean, just look at her walker companions in the GIF above. I can tell you right now that my first instinct in a zombie-apocalypse-type situation would not be to mask my scent by carting around the incapacitated, undead versions of my now fired babysitters. I wish I would be able to come up with brilliant survivalist ideas like these, but instead I'll keep Michonne close and rely on her for the clever plans.

Maybe I should be in charge of decorating instead?

3. Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise

I feel like there is no explanation necessary here. She kicks alien ass, saves cats, saves little girls, and has extensive flight training.

We'll just keep her safe on Earth and she will be so grateful that Ripley will do a significant amount of the heavy lifting.

Whaddya think? Personally, I think I would make it to a ripe old age with this trio by my side apocalypse notwithstanding.


What do you think? Would I make it just based on my team? Or am I cannon-fodder?


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