ByDanielle Moore, writer at

Greetings, Movie Pilot-eers. Throwers of Rotten Tomatoes. Popcorn Inhalers. Jeerers. Cheer-ers. Eaters of Threemuskateer-ers.

People of the movies (and the internet at large): Welcome.

Here you will find the insider musings of a low-level theater employee - from what to watch, to who to watch it with, to who's watching who doing it in the the back row of the latest Marvel flick. Trust me - this shit is way above my paygrade.

I know the scoop. I also know what's actually in the infamous substance known as movie theater "butter". And don't try to front with me - I know you want extra on your so-called "popcorn".

Brace yourself for rants, raves, and reviews from the baddest bitch at the box office.

Oh - and TV recaps, too. So good ahead - cheat on your favorite shows. I sure as hell won't tell. ;)



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